Wooden House Design

Making the home, not only can use concrete and cement materials, but also wood. Yes, a wooden house can be an alternative choice if you are bored with the house made of concrete. Here, there is a lot of information about wood house design that can inspire you.

Wooden Home

Wooden House Design Wooden house design can be divided into two parts, ie classic wooden home design and modern wooden house (combined). The classic type usually only consists of one floor, with a simple design such as cottage or a gazebo. Types of wooden houses are usually a lot of inspired modern home design with modern concrete, but the material is replaced with wood. Most modern wooden building consists of two floors or more, and its size was noticeably larger.
Wooden Home Design Wooden house has now become one of the model homes are in demand. The goal is to present a beautiful natural atmosphere in the house, despite its location in dense urban areas. It is a way for homeowners to feel rustic feel.
In the midst of the chaos of climate due to global warming, wooden house is the right choice. Natural wood color with distinctive veining and texture, which will reflect light creating a unique visual effects, interesting, and natural course.
Design of wooden houses on the same principle with a standard home. The difference is, the aesthetic element in a wooden house is more highlighted. Wood material strongly supports the aesthetic value, because its existence would look dominant than the other homes around it. The concept of a wooden house was distinguished by the panel walls. There is a panel that uses a single (single panel), and there is a double (double panel).

Wooden House Design for Family

In accordance with its primary function, the house is one of a shelter for you and your family. In this regard, you can design the house as desired concept, such as wooden house interior design can provide balance naturally in the home environment.
Wooden House Table Design Then, how to design it? One room of the house that can be designed at an early stage that the family room. Meanwhile, fatherly design of the wooden house, try to work around this by creating a concept and overall design. This concept started in terms of natural lighting, air circulation, and the expansion of the family room when needed for special occasions.
In the wooden house, the family room serves to hangout and place to communicate among family. In addition, the family room can be regarded as the center of activity in the house. Obviously, there are many activities carried out in the family room simultaneously and almost all families need room full of family fun and warmth.
One way that can be done is to determine the type of wood that are suitable and appropriate to the design of the house. After that, just do the selection of the desired color, such as using neutral colors so that all family members can gather in the family room with a sense of comfort, calm, and full of warmth.
If you love the colors much brighter, try to choose pastel colors. Obviously, the color combination is obtained by alloy-colored wood floors that seem natural or unnatural. In addition, the wooden house will look more perfect with a mix of hardwood floors and all the designs that exist in the rich house itself.


The wooden house is not complete without the parquet. There are many motives parquet can be selected and used as a collection at home. Things to consider is to adjust to the desired place and motive for the interior of the house.

Size of Parquet

Basically, it has a parquet size difference is not too far away, which is as follows.
121.2cm long x 193cm wide x 8.3mm thick. Length 20 - 120cm wide x 5 - 9cm thick x 1.2 - 1.4cm.
As it is known that parquet or parquet is also known as one of the best flooring materials and elegant at the same time able to bring natural atmosphere in the house, including the wooden house. On the other hand, not many people know that every measure that could affect the beauty of parquet will be presented. A common example, the parquet with small size sometimes not as elegant parquet floor size that looks more natural and more unified.
Actually, parquet was made with a variety of different sizes and you are free to choose. However, do not ever forget measures remain well matched to the size of the house to make it look more charming and fitting.
In Indonesia, the most common measure of parquet that measures 12 x 50 x 30mm. This size is the same as regular tile floors are sold widely in the market. To buy parquet with this measure, a person usually have to buy the bulk system or in considerable numbers. Typically also, the prospective buyer should buy a few dozen items.
Meanwhile, for a standard size that has been approved and used by all companies or industries around the world, most companies or industries produce it measures 2 ¼ inches to 3 ½ inches. In general, the size used is 2 ¾ inches and 2 7/8 inches long and about 9 inches to 12 inches. However, not all companies use the standard parquet size is usually also used by other companies. There are even some companies that use their own size.
Wooden House Interior Design

Parquet Accessories

We all also know if the parquet or in English is called the parquet flooring is a type of home you must try if you want a natural atmosphere or experience in the home. Parquet is available with a variety of options, designs, and unique style. There is a wooden parquet made as the original or even the original was made of wood and some are impressed stiff or unnatural.
In addition, a number of accessories parquet can be selected to decorate the interior of the house so that the house become more beautiful, durable, strong, and attractive. The first accessories that cleaning parquet parquet. Appropriate as the name suggests, these cleaning products can be used to clean the parquet floor. Typically, a bottle of cleaning parquet can be used for 40 times the usage. Parquet accessory is quite eco-friendly or non-destructive nature of nature. we can see a list of properties and the effect of cleaning the parquet in any part of the back of the bottle.
If you have various types of furniture such as chairs and tables in the room were wearing parquet floor, it could not hurt to add a variety of accessories, such as protective felt pads and protective floor mat (floor protective coatings). Protective floor mat (floor protective coatings) can be used as the base of the furniture, so it will not damage the floor, while the use protective felt pads on the bottom of furniture, especially for tables and chairs, so as not to scratch or damage the parquet floor.
If using parquet flooring in the bathroom, always remember to cover it with accessories such as an anti fungal parquet. With this accessory, parquet flooring in the bathroom will remain durable and that certainly is not easily damaged.
It seems, there is no reason to not wear wooden floor in your dream house. Besides the price is quite affordable and fairly easy to maintain, has also been considered as a tradition. Moreover, now, has a lot of wood flooring supplier or suppliers, ranging from the purchase, delivery to installation.
That article about wooden house design. Congratulations designing the house! Good work!

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