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Q : Planning to buy single family house in FLORIDA?
I want to move to Florida in couple of years I own a house in NY and have good credit. I have heard there are great bargains for properties in Florida as this is going to be my retirement home I want moderate house by east coast Florida in quite community which are good neighborhoods and my main question is if i want to go for no income check(as i am retired) what is the best way to get pre approved for the mortgage and is it easier to get property already with banks and how long does it takes to get those properties I can put like 25 % down. Is there any real good web site .Thanks for help.

A: You will not be able to get a mortgage based on
"stated income" or low doc or no doc loan. They just don't exist anymore due to the housing mess. They will still want an accounting of your money, where you get it from, and how much you have!

Q : Why should i buy a house in Florida and if not, why?
I'm planning on moving in with my best mates and we were wondering if Florida would be the right spot, we have good jobs and we earn a lot. there are 6 of us (3 guys, 3 girls) we are debt free. we have $660,000 and we would like to purchase a 6 bedroom house, dyu think this is a good idea?

we all work and earn around 40k per annum. we all pay our individual taxes and we share money for bills etc, we have plenty of money left over per week

(i wanna know financially, don't tell me living with my best friends is a bad idea because we might break up)

A: There are good deals to be had in Florida right now, but that market has not yet seen it's bottom point. 43% of all foreclosures in the first half of 2009 were in FL and CA.

If you find something, expect that you will continue to lose ground a little for a while. Buy smart, and you should be able to weather this until values stabilize.

This is going to be true in any market right now, but I think the slide is going to be more pronounced there. Can't beat the lifestyle, though. I grew up in FL and plan on getting back there one day when I slow down some.

Q : Best Area in Florida to live in?
I am looking around at houses in Florida and plan to move fairly soon. I am looking in Harmony, Kissimme, and Orlando. Are these places ok? i am looking for a nice house fairly cheap but i want to live in a safe area with the least amount of crime possible. Any suggestions on where is the best place to buy a nice fairly cheap home, in a nice area.

A : I grew up in the Tampa/Clearwater area. It was quite nice when I lived there but when we go back there to visit family I cannot believe how bad the traffic is! Even Largo and St. Peters burg are a mess.
My parents live in Ocala and that area is much less congested but I don't know what houses are going for.
New Port Richey in Pasco County used to be a quaint little town but I haven't been there in years.
There are so many people moving to FL (including Illegals) that I am shocked every time I go down there.

Q: What should I know in planning to buy a small house in Florida for winter use (tax issues or any fees?
planning to buy a small house in FL close to a beach for winter time. What should I know before jumping in and buy - any hidden fees to the US government, do I need a visa & what else should I consider?
Additional Details
would the property tax be higher for me as a Canadian compared to a US citizen?

A: The property taxes are local, and local governments can't discriminate by "national origin". That would be a violation of the due process and equal protection clauses of the constitution. If you are thinking of buying a house in Florida, check out Taylor Morrison. They sell vacation homes in the area and have a free $25,000 sweepstakes on their web site. h__p://

Q: What kind of permits must I have in order to build and run a Haunted House in Orange County Florida?
I plan on building a Haunted House, here in Orlando Florida next year.

A: None, If you have a private contract signed by every visitor.

Q: Buying a house in Orlando Florida for Investment?
We are planning to move to Orlando Florida and what we have noticed is that houses are really cheap over there very low. My question is, is buying a house there a good idea since the houses are as low as they can be? They might go down a little lower but most likely the have to start going up soon. Is it something that would be a good buy and maybe buy a couple houses?

A: There was an article on Yahoo this week in which I believe Orlando was listed as a location with one of the highest percentages of "underwater" (negative equity) mortgages. If I remember, about 60% of properties in the Orlando housing market are currently underwater and worth less than what is owed.

Of course, that may be a good thing. It may mean it's a good time to buy low and hope for the property value to increase in the coming years, but it's hard to know for sure these days what the future holds.

Q : How long do you have to buy a house after you sell yours before the government takes your money?
I am planning to sell a house in Florida. If in the transaction I lose money. Do I still have to pay part to the government when I do my taxes? And how long do I have to buy another property before the government claims his part?

A: If the transaction loses money you will pay no taxes (that isn't quite true, there are often local taxes involved in selling a property, but they are considered closing costs and you'll pay them whether or not you lose money on the deal).

You don't have to buy a new property - the government has no claim on the money (especially if you lose money). Even if you made money, you'd either owe taxes or not - there is no longer any time dependence or re-purchase dependence for the amount of taxes you'd owe. (this type of tax law on real estate hasn't been law for almost 20 years, I don't know why people still think it is on the books that way).

If you were quickly selling a house (less than a year of ownership) then any 'profit' would be taxed at ordinary income tax rates. If you owned it more than a year you'd pay long term capital gains tax on it (currently 15%). If you lived in it you would apply for the exemption which is $250,000 if you lived in continuously for 2 years or for more than 3 out of the last 5 years. If you were married your exemption is $250,000 each (or $500,000).

Q: The most efficient way to air condition a 2800 sqft house off grid in Florida?
I am about to begin construction on a house and I am going well out of my way to make sure the entire house will be as energy efficient and independent as possible. All appliances will be able to run off of solar electric system EXCEPT air conditioning and no matter how much i search, this issue is a problem. The only alternative solution I might have found is a natural gas air conditioner. BUT I only have propane available from a 1000 gallon tank (planned, I guess I could go bigger). I know that almost anything natural gas can be converted to propane, but would rather not void any warranty's and I don't know if those systems are economical. Please help with any information you can provide? Low power evaporative a/c's they have out West don't work in Florida, too much humidity.

A: You need to look up information on heat pumps systems. What you do is run a grid of hoses in the backyard underground about 5 feet if possible. That low the ground is about 50 to 60 degrees year round.

The idea is to pump the heat into the ground. It reduces the air conditioning requirements by 50 to 70 percent.

Its expensive, but will pay back the cost. You can also do this with a well, or lake. Be aware that most states have environmental rules and fees with doing this specific item with a well and sometimes with a lake. Your backyard won't have environment rules.

Q: Buy an affordable family vacation house in safest town in Florida?
We live in the east coast and planning to have a vacation home there (may stay there for about 3-4 times a year with our 2 kids.) Something affordable between 3-4 bedrooms with a pool.

A: Tampa or St. Petersburg. I just read a story that said they have about the only affordable homes in Florida. Also...smaller population, so much safer.

Minimalist House Plans in Florida

Rent House in Florida
Q : Planning to Buy House for Rent in Florida ?
The house I'm planning to buy cost $55,000 and is currently being rented for $700 a month. I don't have $55,000 cash. I can put $20,000 and get a mortgage for the remaining $35,000. Is this a good idea and is it possible to do this? I'm gonna continue to live in other city while I have the property management rent my Florida home.

A : It can be done. If you do decide to go through with the deal, be sure you hire a property manager before you close on the deal.
As an out-of-state FL landlord (I reside in GA), I can tell you it is very difficult to manage your own property. Because my property is a manufactured home, no property manager in the area will manage it for me. So I am on my own and have to make trips back to FL for this property to sign leases and handle repairs/cleaning between tenants.

Q: I plan on contracting my own house in Lee County Florida, and need to know where I can find house plans to help me know what I'm looking for.

A: go to a builders site & find a plan you like... after it's framed check it at night they usually leave plans inside or walk up to a contractor & ask him to let you see them & go copy them.

Q : What would a good building design for a house be in Florida?
I am in a Physics class (i am a senior in high school) and we have been asked to create a building plan for a house in Florida. This isn't a super-fancy project, but the more details provided, the better. So far have agreed that the square footage should be around 2400 feet. So if you guys have any ideas, they would be welcomed! thanks :)

A : Bungalow with big kitchen/eating area facing the W. Definitely a veranda and/or closed-in porches/terraces in different directions. For example a veranda facing SW but a closed-in terrace towards the SE.
Living room would be best SE.
Garage built with direct access to kitchen. And 3 bedrooms is a must since there will always be visitors!

A common house design centers around the outdoors with sliders in bedrooms that spill out into the back yard where the pool and patio area is. Outdoor kitchens. An outdoor shower. Single level. Tile floors. A master bedroom suite on one side of the house with guest rooms on the other side of the house and living/kitchen between the two. Open floor plan for the kitchen/living room. Storage closets. Luxury bathrooms. Citrus gardens. Stucco, not wood exterior. Hurricane shutters. Solar panels.
Good luck with your Physics project.

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