Honeycombed Flat Tower-Eco Friendly Skyscraper Housing Plans Design

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Eco Friendly Skyscraper Housing Plans Design

The Designers : Yoann Mescam, Xavier Schirr-Bonnans, Paul-Eric Schirr-Bonnans. Green Flat Tower, skyscraper resembling a beehive shape, was designed by Yoann Mescam, Paul - Eric Schirr - Bonnans and Xavier Schirr and use the energy of sunlight as power plants for the green space. Flat Tower high-rise buildings have architectural most preferred solution for high density city like Paris because it combines recreation facilities, housing and office space plus a transport system with vertical building design.

green honeycomb tower skyscraper design photo
Eco Friendly Skyscraper Housing Plans Design

Massive honeycombed skyscraper structure that seems to solve the housing problem for the people without destroying the beauty of the city. Furthermore, this dome-like structure has a green technology and somewhat resembles a hill which is about 800 meters in diameter. The solar panels spread over the dome-like roof provide energy for the entire complex. Honeycomb design allows light into the interior during the day to make it get much sun lights. Rain water container is used to water the green area, in order words, this building has sufficient supply for air, water and energy. It is strikingly heartening to realize that more and more people turn to green and renewable energy to have a better eco-friendly world for future generation. Then, this flat tower is one solution of housing plans in modern city.

green flat tower design photo
honeycombed skyscraper structure

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