10 Unique Stairs Models-Creative Staircase Designs

Futuristic Stairs Designs

If you looking for a stylish, modern staircase and creative stairs designs, below the unique creative and very inspirational staircase design style from all over the world. Its very amazing staircase designs that I knows.

1. Minimalist Staircase design a.k.a Floating Steel Stairs Flat

Unique Minimalist Staircase Design
Minimalist Staircase Design Looks clean and luxury
A unique staircase design made by Ecole for an apartment in Paris.

2. Steel Staircase

Unique Steel Staircase Design
Steel Staircase
This stairs using steel as the basic structure so it looks bright, minimalist, but still sturdy.

3. Bookshelf Staircase

Unique Bookshelf Staircase Design
Bookshelf Staircase Design-for Library
A spiral staircase surrounded by bookshelves that can hold 6000 books. This unique and creative stairs designwas designed by the architect of the Portuguese, namely Manuel Gomes Maia. The bookshelves one is great. I’d love to have one like that, but I need to get an extra floor first. Its very useful at all.

4. Modern Staircase

Modern Minimalis Staircase Design
Modern Staircase Design for Minimalist House
Stairs without handrails, this staircase designed by the Italian manufacturer Cast.

5. Ceiling Staircase

Unique Celling Staircase Design
Celling Staircase Design
The design of stairs is creative but looks not simple, results of Roche's work from France.

6. Retractable Staircase

Retractable Staircase Designs
Retractable Staircase Designs
A retractable stairs are designed for easy access to the attic.

7. Spiral Staircase

Unique Creative Staircase Design
Modern Spiral Style Staircase Design
Spiral staircase of wood carved by Patrick Jouin.

8. Alternating Tread Stairs

Inspirational Unique Staircase Design
Unique Alternating Staircase Design for Small Room
If there is not enough room for the stairs, tread stairs is one alternative option. Its good inspiration for stairs design for small room.

9. Ribbon Staircase

Inspirational Unique Staircase Design
Ribbon Staircase Design
The contemporary stairs style designed by HSH architects.

10. Staircase Slide

Creative Inspirational Staircase Design
Staircase-Slide inside
Using the other side of the staircase to slide, the work of a London-based architect, Alex Michaelis. I don't know this stairs design is safe or not, especially for children. Or maybe its dangerous stairs type for our house. But its still inspirational and creative.

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