Unique Wood and Glass Furniture Designs

Unique Wood and Glass Table Furniture Designs by John Houshmand

wood and glass furniture design

Wood and glass intersect in John Houshmand’s newest furniture collection, Shazam creating a sleek outlook which captures attention. The inspiration underlying this piece is that imagery we play with one medium penetrating another so the result is sculptural furnishings. His latest product is a thinly sliced layers of wood to glass which looks like a graphic element rather than a furniture element.
The product includes a low height table that may function as your working place where your laptop stands on its own. This beautiful table also functions as adornment in your living room where you put vases which heighten the romantic atmosphere. Its irregular shape of tabletop makes it extraordinary and suitable to be inside your house adding the taste of luxury. Robb Report
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unique glass table design

unique wood glass furniture

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luxury unique wooden glass table furniture


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