Tricks to Decorate Narrow Living Room to Optimize Size

The living room is an important space if you often receive guests. Structuring an attractive living room will give the impression of the character of the household who was captured by the guests. Then what if your living room is small?

Tricks to decorate Narrow Living Room

The narrow living room can still show your character, by a way get around the narrow room with smart and creative.

First, because of the narrow living room, use of furniture not need much. Choose a sofa, chair or table-sized design with a simple, symmetrical, not a lot of carving. As shown in the drawing room in the apartment example of Kuningan City, selected one sofa patterned lines as guest seating.

Other furniture is a wooden round table complement the living room, artificial plants are also placed beside the chair to sweeten the room. And carpet to give the impression of warmth.

Second, wear an inconspicuous color game using neutral colors like white, beige, or yellow gading.Warna between walls and furniture can not be the same, at least equivalent and compatible. In the figure, simple sofa looks comfortable because the color nearly matching the color of cream-colored walls.

Third, add a touch of pretty simple accessories in the living room. Accessories in the pictures, look through the use of cushions, wooden desk accessories, art work also illustrated a mild interest.

Good luck.

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