Void, Expand and Cool-off Room Space

Home feel more spacious, with the cooler air too, who do not like?
The playhouse is always synonymous with the word " narrow ", but if you know the tricks the little house can feel roomy and comfortable. One trick that we will discuss this time is the use void. What is void?

home void
Expand and cool off Space
Void commonly encountered in homes with more than one floor, the empty space between the floor that connecting one and other. But that does not mean a house with a floor can not have a void, create high with house plafon, then leave the space blank space to be made up, this is called void. The nature of the open voids and continuous upward to provide more spacious feeling, in the room. For houses that are relatively larger size, usually decorated with lights hanging void that extends from the top floor down. For the small house precisely this should be avoided. Because the placement of decorative elements that are large and impressive weight, will make the room feel more crowded.

Better yet, if the top of the void created cavities. Thus, hot air from inside the house will flow upward through the void, and then removed. If the cycle air is so smooth, eating the air in the house will feel much cooler. Want?

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