Corner Sofa For Small Living Room Plans

In order to remain comfortable despite small living room is located in a narrow room, you can work around this by placing a corner sofa as a chair for guests.

Corner Sofa For Tiny Living Room Plans

Corner Sofa

Corner sofa has a fairly large size to accommodate a seating capacity of guests. In the narrow room, a sofa corner placement can outsmart the limited space but still serve comfort. Look at the corner of an L-shaped sofa in an image taken from the living room in an apartment unit type 91.5 example 1 Park Residence, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

L shaped sofa placed at right angles because of the oblique angle of 90 degrees. L-shaped couch is set up against the wall on one side, while the other side of his back and be a marker baffle space behind, which is the dining room. L Sofa is facing the entrance. With this placement, the remaining area will move in the living room, so the activity is still running.

As a sweetener and a complement, in the middle there is a sofa table book that is interesting. This table has a shelf of books to put some collections of books or magazines. To be impressed comfortable, the sofa plus chair cushions with matching color. Also some unique accessories as filler either side sofa. The addition of brown carpet adds warmth of the living room. Plus the game white and moss green to show that modern living room.

One tips that you might consider, if your home has high humidity levels, should be placed couch inches from the wall. If left too attached to the damp wall, the sofa will be quickly broken and uncomfortable occupied again. Source: Kompas com.

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