Hollywood Regency Style Review

Some interior design styles carry with them the luxury and glamor of the entire decade. But Hollywood Regency makes modern comeback, well after its heyday in the '30s.

Hollywood Regency Style

hollywood regency design style
barclay butera hollywood regency design style
When the designers of Hollywood's Golden Age, like William Haines and Dorothy Draper, pushing West Coast figures to decorate their home movies with the tone and the elegance and glamorous, stylish new design emerged. 1930s Hollywood Regency style favorite celebrities ranging from actress Joan Crawford for the future First Lady, Nancy Reagan.

Hollywood District Design, however, not the relics of the past. Style Over-the-top not only for the rich and famous, a modern design version bumpy in popularity, driven by designers like Kelly Wearstler. Shawn Henderson, design director for www.eBay.com online auction site, says there is no denying the high Hollywood style back. "Hollywood Regency spikes in sales," said Henderson. "Recently 'Billy' a William Haines hollywood regency cabinet sold on eBay for $ 7,500."

Not everyone is capable of original pieces of Haines, but the element of Hollywood Regency style accessible even to decorate the budget - minded. Here's how to adapt some elements of Hollywood Regency decor for your home.

Gone Hollywood Regency is all about the details, said an interior decorator and furniture designer Barclay Butera. "beautiful fabrics, a suburb of lamp shades, chandelier with crystals - about glamorous Hollywood Regency style, but so many are found in beautiful detail," he said.

Designer Kristan Cunningham, the star of HGTV Design on Dime, said for those who work on the budget, jazzing up pieces of savings is also about having an eye for detail. "If your grandmother gives you a brass lamp over-the - top, replace the flame bulbs - ends with frosted lamps mod world, "he said. "This creates a juxtaposition of the 'super clean with super fussy' is very relevant in the Hollywood District."

Many Luxe in Hollywood Regency Style

Velvet curtains, silk lampshades, and thick, sculpted carpet marks the Hollywood Regency style design. " In an era when Hollywood Regency evolved, people really want to impress each other with their homes, " said Butera. "The house is really the goal." Butera said adding fabric prominently in the scheme of any home decor gives a sense of scale and glamorous that Hollywood designers of the era pursued.

contemporary hollywood regency style
contemporary hollywood regency style interior

Lovely Lacquer-Hollywood Regency Style

Hollywood Regency is focused on making home showpiece for guests, and classic designers spared no shine, luxurious or glamorous in making it happen.

"Lacquer everything!" said Henderson. "Hollywood Regency style is used a lot of bright, shiny colors on the furniture So, have a lacquered furniture or buy some super glossy spray paint and do it yourself.."

For his den, Cunningham not only that, buy a cheap TV credenza white lacquered and add your own style Hollywood Regency design. "I replace the button with Chinese medal brass hardware, and I added a brass corner details to the door of each,"he said. "It's very glam, and the best part is, no one would have the same part!"

Watch Scale of Hollywood Regency Style

In an era overstuffed sectional sofa and impose double - seat lounge, the idea of ​​small-scale furniture is a bit of a novelty. But that is exactly what Hollywood calls the design district, said Karen Figilis, publisher for the design of William Haines. "It's hard to get the right scale,"he said. "Furniture is expected to completely fade into the background, because Hollywood Regency design is all about people."

Butera note design emphasis is not on furniture or accessories, but they make sense. "It's about entertaining, from before we all have big rooms and a large television and an open floor plan," he said. "Centering the room around the hollywood regency furniture and the way people will interact with one another is an idea."

Hollywood Regency Style-Design for Individuals

Because Hollywood Regency design is intended as an eclectic mix of styles with a comprehensive luxury theme, people sometimes make the mistake of thinking that they can only throw every flea market find into the mix. Karen said that while the style is suitable for mixing and matching, it is important to remember the elements of coordination.

"The whole concept is that this is a furniture package for an individual,"he said. "This is a classic hollywood regency furniture that never go out of style It's back because it is luxurious and glamorous. and because you can create the look of an individual because it allows you to mix and create their own living space."

Invest in Classics of Hollywood Regency

hollywood regency living room style
hollywood regency living room style
For those who really want to emulate the master, however, investing in some classic pieces can be a real point of pride. "Every piece of Dorothy Draper or William Haines is a big investment," Shawn said, noting the high prices of goods to meet online.

If the price for Hollywood's table - vintage design is too intimidating, however, Henderson recommends looking for hollywood regency style furniture supporting players. "Start with the smaller pieces such as lamps or side table," he said." To create a balance, introducing some bold colors and layers in a few pieces of chinoiserie as part of a work of art and accessories."

And Kristan said that even if you do not want to go full Hollywood-out, that's OK. "Hollywood Regency style is perfect for the younger generation to be a mixture of vintage, pieces of limit-tacky, and they live in harmony," he said, adding that even if you like modern lines, you will still be able to combine something like a high lacquered Queen Anne chair.

Hollywood Regency Style is Glitz, Glamour and Gorgeous

While Hollywood Regency design a throwback to another era, it is still very modern and relevant to today's rushed lifestyle, where people view houses as a port where they can relax.

"The style overall is about enjoying people, enjoying the time [ together ],"Butera said. "It's about luxury and get a glimpse of the days went by where the TV is less important and that's about an hour of cocktails and company."

Source: http://www.hgtv.com/decorating/hollywood-regency-style-get-the-look/index.html

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