Special Furniture for Children

Children are entitled to privileges, one of them in his room arrangement. The rooms are designed according to the following childhood mental furniture will make the baby be comfortable and cheerful. The problem, is the furniture suitable for children?

Tori Home Kids, Special Furniture for Children

Tony Suryaputra from Tori Home Kids say the right furniture for children is that the material does not contain toxic ingredients, strength, the designs fit the tastes of children and can be combined with other accessories.

Childrens Furniture
Furniture for Childs

"At this time the color of furniture for children who are white is the color trend.
Also white when combined with accessories of children who have bright colors will not be boring. The color white is also suitable for girls room or boys," Tony said to Kompas in the exhibition at Pondok Indah Mall which will last until Sunday.

Tony says its products are adopting American-style design but still tailored to local needs. " We use local wood as hard as wood Meranti, wooden Nyatoh. Because this product has been exported, we are very concerned about the quality and design, " said Tony, whose products have been marketed to the U.S., Ireland, Japan and Singapore.

Tori Home Kids underlines the paint coating non-toxic furniture or anti- toxins, considering the kids can do anything with the goods in the vicinity. Furniture is also safe from termite attack because at the time to go through the drying process and coated with paint varnish.

Understand that children growing so fast, Tony designed the furniture for children aged 0-17 years, and can hold up to 10 years in the future so that it can be used for such a second or third child. " Our furniture are knock down, so it can be released customized space requirements. For example, products Bunk Bed ( bed -rise ), if later on an adult child can be reduced to two single beds, " he said.

Source: Kompas com

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