1 Park Residence, Apartment with Home Stay Concept

For some people, living in vertical buildings such as apartments or flats are not attractive. The reason, because the vertical structure is not as comfortable as home stay or home site.

However, what if an apartment is built with concepts such as houses? As disclosed Budiman Kurniawan, a project leader Park Residence was built by PT. Intiland Development at Jalan KH Syafei Hadzami, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

1 Park Residence Apartment

"Concept of 1 Park Residence was originally we wanted the apartment of unique products has given many apartments. We promote the concept of dwelling house arranged upwards," said Budiman Kompas.com met in Jakarta, some time ago
Because the concept of home stay, said Budiman, in this apartment when residents would like entered into the dwelling house complete with terrace houses. Later, go Budiman, terraces of houses with a size of 2.5 X 2.5 meters, that this plant will be equipped with vertical garden. "The terrace houses will be shaped like a terrace in the residence rather than the foyer. Each apartment unit will have the concept of open terrace equipped with glass railing. In every terrace house released his style, but for plant operational arrangements will be filling the terrace of the building," he said.

In addition to the benefits of having a terrace house, 1 Park Residence is planned to be handed over in June 2012 have a special guest room. This room has a wide view from different angles just like at home. "The concept of each unit can see the 2-3 point of view. In the living room of this area could see a green area on the terrace of refreshing," he said.

Budiman said there are three types to choose from at 1 Park Residence, with a target market of young couples or small families. The first type is 91.5 square meters with two rooms, both types of 94 square meters with two rooms, and a third type of 138 square feet with three rooms. "The room in the apartment is designed in such a way as to give the impression of comfort, insulation between rooms is also considered to support this concept," he said.

As an illustration to the residents who wanted to decorate his unit, the Intiland display color game. For 138 units filled with the element type of white and gray. Type 94 units filled with elements of white, cream, milk and coffee color, and type of unit is 91.5 games toska colors like green and blue sky. "This is an example for residents, with a variety of color shades home games remain comfortable," said Budiman.

By staying at 1 Park Residence, Budiman said the residents would get health insurance through air circulation, which is much better because each unit has an open space. He added, in each unit will have two doors so the air lines inside the apartments would spin. "The first door access to guests and apartment owners, the second door connecting the service access," he explained.

Other guarantees in terms of lighting, where every room in the apartment to get the natural light of the sun. The 1 Park Residence apartments are designed with a plain glass to get light in, so it does not depend on artificial lighting.

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