Philips Home Lighting Collection

To enjoy the sensation of a room appear more attractive, you do have to dare tamper with the lights in your home appropriately. Now, the presence of LED technology (Light Emiting Diode ) might help your task by giving a different atmosphere in an instant.

Philips Home Lighting Collection - LED Room Lights

philips ledino LED room lighting
With a linear shape and white color displays, Ledino collections can be equipped with dimmer switch for easy setting of light intensity.
It's simple, just pay attention to the arrangement of furniture and design style that greatly affects the lights choice, placement, and way of working or lighting techniques. Instead, the arrangement of the light can not go around.

Generally, home lighting should be divided into three, namely general lighting (headlights), task lighting (local lighting so that the light is more focused), and accent lighting (giving accent in the room).

The division of some kind of lamp is also useful for creating a light scheme and "share" area based on the needs of its function. For example, in the bedroom, the right blend of light can create a comfortable room for the move to give the atmosphere of calm, relaxed, and comfortable to rest.

Many choices of LED Room Lights

Philips Home Lighting Collection complete collection of the LED products sponsor in the "Indo Buildtech Expo 2011" at the Jakarta Convention Center, for example, offers several interesting lighting types.

Lighting for the living room and bedroom, you can use Ledino, Ecomoods, Roomstylers, EasyScene, or Living Colors, each of which consists of several variants.

The design is unique makes Ledino can be considered to display a minimalist style with elegance touch. The shape is linear and displays a warm white color, equipped with dimmer switches for easy setting of light intensity.

Home Lighting Collection Philips
The designs are unique considerations for displaying a minimalist style with elegance touch.

Meanwhile, Ecomoods gives a warm and soft light to create natural ambien. One of the variant can provide more comfort with the outer rim L that can be changed to bring the color mood atmosphere.

Style of Roomstylers Contemporary collection was actually no less unique. This collection is able to lift the look of the design space ranging from classic to modern styles.

Remote control

EasyScene collection. This collection can be operated using remote control, making it easier to adjust light intensity from 100 percent until five percent.

home lighting collection
Home Lighting Collection-Philips
Want more dynamic atmosphere of the room lights? Living Colors may be more precise answer. This lamp is designed with 16 million colors to create different ambiens using the remote control.

To get a more relaxed atmosphere, you can wear Soothing blue lighting color. This variant is able to present the impression of light with Cheery pink or romantic atmosphere with a passionate red.

Children Room Lighting

Special for children's room, the atmosphere is cheerful and witty nor is it difficult to be created. The house lights with a variety of amusing shapes will be able to stimulate the imagination of our baby as well as a collection of Kid's Room Lighting. This collection has been designed with attention child safe fittings.

For bathroom area or outdoors, the choice is a powerful light and can survive from water splashes. Philips Aquafit lights collection comes equipped with an IP 44 for the bathroom area.

Current lighting technology have generally been designed according to the room design and space.

Interested in trying to arrange your house lighting from the terrace to the most personal room?

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