Window AC vs Split AC

Window Air Conditioner vs Split Air Conditioner

Window AC
Window Air Conditioner (AC)
Whether you are confused to choose Window AC or split AC? Split AC vs window air conditioner. Which is better for your room? Advantages and disadvantages of Window AC and split AC?


Window air conditioners compressors, motors and connecting pipes are placed on the same base and it is easy to to get a service unit on the other hand, split AC consist of 2 units - Indoor Unit & Outdoor unit. Window AC require a opening on wall or need some attraction in the existing window, which your building owner is not agreeing to do so. Installation is easier than in Split AC it requires only one 3 inch's hole in the wall to take out the tubings, drain tube and supply cable, the out door can be mounted on an angle out side with just few hole on the wall. Cost wise one-ton split AC is going to cost your more than a one-ton window AC.

Window AC vs split AC power consumption

However there is not much difference in power consumption between split and window ac. Split ACs are costlier but look better. And do not need installation complications like opening the window etc. But installation of split ACs typically cost more.

installing a split ac

Split AC is more costly than window AC. Also, the installation of a split costs more since you need to install two units-one indoor and one outdoor, which then need to be connected through copper tubing. You also need to spend on a mounting stand to fixed outdoor unit, whereas a window AC requires only spending on fixing one unit. Nowadays, most flats and houses reserve the required box space in the wall to fit the AC, so you don't even have to spend on drilling a hole in your wall to accommodate the unit.

Window AC VS Split AC - A split AC unit is similar to the regular home unit. The major difference is that this unit is install in each room. There is an outside unit as well as an inside wall unit (split AC unit). These split systems are usually permanent installations. Instead of using zones to control the temperature, the room units are completely independent. If you are buying a window AC it is just the screws you may have to replace when shifting, where as in split the copper tubing may not be usable second time as these become harder to bend at the new site, and every time new copper tubes plus some times top-up of gas and Installation charges is also more for split AC, where as window AC's even a carpenter can fix the outer cover and all you have to do is to insult the AC unit and connect to use.

If you can look for a house where window AC provision is already provided this will be suitable for you as you are changing your house now & then. Going for window AC is better. Secondary there is not cooling difference in split or window, the window AC's Air circulation is Horizontal which keeps the cool air 8 ft from floor and split Air circulation is Vertical this keeps sucking the heat of the roof, if the roof is open to sky solar heat will reduce the cooling effect. Window AC VS Split AC

Split AC's are great, like a mini central unit, but they do require a hole in the wall (about 3") and are much more expensive. Adding to the expense is the cost of repairing the hole if you take the unit with you when you move. Better ask homeowner about putting a hole in the wall. Mini splits are generally meant for a more permanent type situation. Window ac's are less expensive, easier to install in most cases, and easier to move, as long as you have a suitable window, which it sounds like you don't. Even easier would be a portable air conditioner, have you considered that? Almost any sliding window can work as a ventilation port for a portable unit, and you certainly take it with you.

Choose the AC in accordance with the condition of your home. Most of the shop owners recommended split AC saying it has more features, faster cooling, less noise, looks good and most imp.
Mini Split AC
Mini-Split AC Installation (image:
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