Ridge House Design Converge with Nature

Ridge House Design converge with mountain nature in Canada. Architectural design of highlands house by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.

Ridge House Design Interior

Human use of natural well will produce something extraordinary. As performed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Jackson, who has completed his mission to make a design for a Ridge House.

Vast stretches along the mountains in Canada, this ridge house is used as a place for families to do the family gatherings, as well as vacation and gained composure in the middle of a forest where green trees grow lush surrounding buildings. This house looks so cozy and elegant.

Ridge House Design

The first glimpse of the house immediately attracted attention with its length, linear core stone in accordance with the ridge beneath a sloping roof accented with steel-rimmed glass. Entering the house, we will again see a special arrangement of the interior and feel that the inside looks so hot with two large fireplaces. Stone walls and wooden walls and are combined and they complement each other perfectly. High glass walls that give the impression of open, and residents can watch the beautiful movement of the sun from the house. Moreover, allowing morning sunlight to penetrate the house so warm and healthy.

No wonder that the sight of a beautiful home, we think of a mixture of construction works of man, with the goodness and beauty of nature.

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