Unsymmetric Wooden Bookshelf Design with Curved Frame

Unique Furniture - Unsymmetric Wooden Bookshelf design with Curved Frame by Sharewood

Unsymmetric Wooden Bookcase
Wooden Bookshelf Design

Its a bookshelf with curved frame design, can make the room look more attractive and elegant looks with sherwood wooden bookcase. About Khaos, is an Italian furniture designs company that has its roots in the past and adapt to the canon of modernity and fashion. Sherwood is the last of a bookcase with a bow window. Has 6 elements of horizontal and four vertical planks.

Unsymmetric Wooden Bookcase by Sharewood

This is the book cabinet painted finish or with pieces of gold and silver colors. Many racks to organize a small library of books, but with such a design that would be much better placed on a shelf of books in some public places, like his living room. This will not only books and magazines or DVDs for you, but the room look more attractive and elegant.
Wooden Bookshelf
Wooden Bookcase with Curved Frame Design – Sharewood


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