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Not only serves as a barrier between the house to the street, the fence is also useful as a safety. However, because of its position at the forefront, the fence has added value when designed according to the wishes and tastes of the homeowner. Before you make a fence for your home, adjust the model home. Does minimalist, classic, Mediterranean, or a particular ethnic style. Development, design, shape, and ornaments fence should follow the same theme. modern fence designs Then consider the square footage of the house. It would be very odd if the big house was given a small fence, or otherwise, because it does not look proportionate. Home that could use a fence with a large variety of accessories and additional detail, but you should wear a small house fence minimal design and impressive light. As a model home, the trend is also moving to the fence from time to time. To obtain the appropriate form of fencing, look for information and prior consultation with the architect or creator of the fence before making a reservation.

Types of House Fence Designs

As explained previously, the fence is a home exterior that appears on the front of the house. House fence here not only serves as a barrier between the home and the outside of the house, but also became a first sight that attracted the attention of a home. If you are planning to put up a fence, you have many types of fencing that can be selected and adapted to the design of the house. The first thing that must be considered in choosing the type of fence is what your purpose in putting up a fence, whether to protect, restrict land, provide privacy or just beautify your home. It depends on the selection of the type and design of the fence will you choose to design your fence. As explained earlier, the selection of the fence for a home must first be motivated by the purpose of the fence stretcher. For those of you who do not understand the types of fences that are based on objective, the following is a description of the types of fence in general: wooden fence designs

Houses Fence Design for Privacy

If your goal then put the fence as a privacy fence design should you make has a height of about 1.8 meters to 2.5 meters. Usually this privacy fence aimed squarely shaped and pointy shaped upper end portion. In addition, a fence for privacy can also be made squares and has a small gap. This privacy fence to be made of iron and steel materials.

Semi Privacy House Fences

Semi-privacy fence type is the type of fence that can enter into other types of fencing. which are semi-privacy fence usually have panels that are in between the lattice-kisis fence. panel in between the grid can provide the desired privacy. Fence that is semi-privacy can be made by the selection panel that has a diagonal slats, so the holes between the slats will be shaped like a diamond. Or you can also choose blades arranged vertically and horizontally, so that the hole will be shaped boxes.

House Fence as Decoration

Fence is intended as a decoration usually made with play design, color, height, and so forth. aiming for the fence as decoration can you get to choose the model of minimalist, classic, or modern. You can also provide decoration, such as lace or indentations on the fence to make it look more attractive and beautiful.

House Fence as Protection

Fence made with purpose as protectors are usually made by adjusting the condition or state of the environment. fence made as the protector can vary existence, but some houses are often made as a protective fence of the house from outside disturbances, such as animals. If you have pets and want to protect it from being released out of the house then you can order a special fence designed to keep their security. Do not forget to adjust the fence design with the design of your home.

Fence Design Tips

In general, the installation of security fencing intended to keep the house. Use of this house as a safety fence was already a regular there in the houses that are in the area major cities. We will install and build a fence, you must first choose and determine the type of fence that you will use. In general, fences contribute to the beauty of the house. In addition to functioning as a barrier between the house and the land, fences can also beautify the park, also provide privacy. In addition, the fence also serves as a security fence to prevent and restrict access directly or otherwise which is not desirable. Based on the location of the front line, of course, the fence has added value in improving the character of the house. This could happen if the fence is designed tailored to the desires and tastes of the homeowner. Similarly, the impression of the fence were selected to be made for people passing in front of the house and look at your house fence.

Building a Fence

If that house is nice and attractive, it will make anyone who sees it immediately attracted to look further into that, to the park, and of course his home. Meanwhile, if the fence just beautiful, most people will only see in passing. Therefore, before making the decision to choose a particular fence design, it helps if you first consider the following matters:

House Design

Fence design should remain the main theme with the design, so the development of the design, shape, and details of the fence will follow the theme of the overall design of the house. Fence with straight-line design is suitable for minimalist dream house. As for the classic style, you can choose the fence that curved and has a classic impression of luxury in your home.

Distance Between Fence to Home

The distance between the house with the fence is not to be missed. Distance of the house and the fence into the main considerations in designing and measuring the height of the fence is made. to design a small house, it is better if the height and design of the fence is not too complicated and colorful. Choose slender, simple, and proportional to the house. And for a house big enough, you can experiment with the design and the high fence that is tailored to the needs of your home.

Fence Materials

Currently, fencing material that is often used to make the order is mixed. Some materials can use the wood to make a fence, or can also use metal, stone, and even plants. To determine what materials are used for fencing, it helps if you pay attention to the model home first. Iron is a material that has been chosen for use because it is relatively cheaper and easier to take care of him. In addition to strong, if the finish is good and given a layer of steel, stainless steel or iron is also easy to set up according to taste.

Fence Shape, color, and proportion

Shape and color of the fence can really help create unity between the house and the fence if chosen properly. For the large and medium-sized, the fence can be selected according to taste. And for a small house, necessary provisions and approaches, design, and appearance similar to a design house. For large houses, fences can be used very many options. From design, to ornaments can be combined and customized to match the home design, so the fence and the house has a cohesive whole.

High of Fence

The degree of a fence can be adjusted to your neighborhood. If indeed one goal fence to safety issues then high fence should be tailored to the needs and safety of the environment according to your terms.

Fence Color

Color of the fence is a most important thing. Choose colors that fence really fit with the color of the house. adjust the color of the fence with the overall color of the front wall, in order to create a harmony between the house and the fence. Thus the discussion of fence designs that can be delivered, may be useful.

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