Modern Minimalist Home Garden Design

Parks can be regarded as a place to let go of tired at home after undergoing a variety of activities outside the home. Gar looks attractive, a home garden can be given a variety of beautiful ornaments to beautify the look of the garden, like a fountain or statue. If the park were given ornament fountains, under the automatic fountain there is a handy little pond holds water circulation sprayed by the fountain. Moreover, in the pond can be planted with a variety of ornamental fish ponds to embellish. Examples of ornamental fish that can be kept in the fountain include goldfish or koi fish. Minimalist Garden Minimalist garden with a mixture of minimalist home should give the impression of harmony in the concept of minimalist architecture. A minimalist house has a simple structure, small garden designs, and more emphasis on function space. Therefore, the park must be made in accordance with the concept of a minimalist home as well. The selection of plants and garden ornament in a modern minimalist house must also be in accordance with the concept of minimalism. modern minimalist home garden A modern minimalist garden should not put too many types of plants, but it only takes a few (two or three) types of plants. For example, a mini elephant grass and plants that have the firm impression as ongkiati. It could also be a garden given a small fish pond so that adds to the beauty of a garden.

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