Artistic Tiny House Design

Artistic Design for a Tiny House

Currently the world property development is extremely rapid. It is marked by numerous property development units, such as apartments or condominiums exclusively super fancy or construction of small houses that simple. Artistic Tiny House Design Along with the development and growth of the property world, the needs of the community will be home today is very high. If you have a minimalist funds, enough to buy a house that middle-end ranks. In addition, a small house or a simple house can be selected to realize the desire to have a home. Almost all property developers offer a small house lots or products or modest home. This is due to the high public demand for homes. Therefore, in a short time able to sell hundreds of housing units. However, other problems arise. Many developers harness the momentum by building facilities and rudimentary environment as seen in many cases, for example the very simple (RSS). tiny home design Describe a small house with such conditions it was time for change. Consumer is king. Humans are appropriately treated and given the best service. Obviously, a house must be beautiful, healthy, and environmentally friendly. That was a key to building a house with any size, including building a small house or prefers. The playhouse is marketed typically have maximum area of ​​100 square meters with varying sizes, such as 6 x 15, 7 x 15 or 8 x 12 with a standard form of building. Beautiful is not necessarily expensive. Design is creative, wise, and intelligent from an architect who is able to realize a small house-efficient building materials and deal with all the limitations, both in terms of funds and land. This is a wonderful concept that can be translated in the form of house plans are straightforward and easy maintenance. Limitations of land to encourage the development of small houses is increasing. tiny house interior design In the concept of a minimalist home, floor plan with open space and minimal wall will make the room feel airy. Merging function space tailored to the needs of residents. Garage, patio, and a front garden functioned as a living room, children's playroom, parking of vehicles, and others. Meanwhile, the optimized space as a family room and dining room. Functions of family room, study room, and a children's bedroom can also be placed at the top to the floor under the roof (attic). Garden and patio functioned as an open dining room, family room, and a children's learning space, with a different time.

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