Tips on Caring Kitchen

What should be done so that we are comfortable kitchen? Of course, care for and clean. The kitchen is where meals are prepared, just imagine if the cleanliness of the kitchen is not maintained, how the food hygiene can be assured. Therefore, take care to keep your kitchen clean. Our kitchen must be kept clean and hygienic. Closely related to individual hygiene, food, and beverages. This is a requirement to achieve the level of health. Here, it can be observed in the implementation of food processing that have qualified obligation healthy, which will be processed when possible presence of a disease. Sanitation by WHO is an attempt to control some of the factors that influence the physical environment to humans, especially to things that have deleterious effects, physical development, health, and survival. With a knowing sense of hygiene and sanitation, can achieve a healthy life. For example, in each family familiarize themselves every day to clean the room and yard, putting trash properly, set the plant with area home.

We should always clean the kitchen.

The kitchen is a special room that is used as a place to process food. Area is composed of physical parts and supplies are needed so that it can function well as a place to process food. As the development of culture and technology, form changing the kitchen. The three main functions of the kitchen, which is to store food, preparation, and cooking. Distance of each function should not be too far away, and can mutually support one another. Physical part on the kitchen floor covering, walls, ceilings, doors and windows, ventilation, lighting, hand washing facilities, trash, and sewer. Physical cleanliness and attention should have been commenced since we planned kitchen. Errors in planning will make it difficult to determine the layout of the kitchen appliances, which means the difficulty of maintaining the cleanliness and health of the kitchen. The kitchen is where food processing, each time receiving food to be processed, and each time it is also a possibility for groceries impurities fall to the floor or tucked in places that are difficult to clean. All the dirt is easily rotten, and further serves as a medium for breeding bacteria contaminating food.

Terms of Healthy Kitchen Construction

Kitchen hygiene and construction realized if we can support the kitchen section. The layout of the kitchen room we are governed by the operational needs of food processing. Placeholders and sewer must be well planned.

Kitchen floor

Kitchen floor we need to meet several requirements, such as strong and robust, making it easy to move or broken. Then coated with water-resistant material, such as ceramic, marble, etc., so it is not easy to absorb water with the smell of perishable foods. Moisture and rotting pile of dirty water can cause bacteria to multiply well. Then, easy to clean, smooth, and not slippery. Should be made flat and flat, not many curves or corners which complicate cleanup. The selected coating material is a material that is also easy to clean. Smooth and slippery so it feels comfortable when stepped on in wet conditions though.

Kitchen wall

Our kitchen walls should be designed sturdy and waterproof, so not easily broken and not easy to suck water. Kitchen wall needs to be made flat, not many bumps that make it difficult at times to clean. Construction of the wall must be designed to function as a buffer to keep the building, but vertical. Flat wall that is easy to clean and to avoid accumulation of dust. Wallcoverings are made from materials that are not easily damaged and easily cleaned when soiled. Meeting or the connection between the walls to the ceiling between the wall and the floor, so that made no taper angle, but slightly rounded, so easy to clean. The white color is perfect for the kitchen wall color, because white color looks bright and natural. In addition, the white color can accentuate other colors attached to a white color, any inherent stains will be easily visible and can be cleaned. Psychologically bright colors can make you feel cool and reduce nervous tension.

Kitchen ceiling

Our kitchen ceiling should be maintained for the purpose and food sanitation. The shape should be flat and flat, not many ornaments that can then be populated by dust, spiders, and other impurities. Then, strong and no cracks or broken parts. Preferably, white or brightly colored to match the wall color. Where possible, there is a chimney (hood) which serves to throw smoke and foul air from the kitchen to the outside.

Wide doors, windows, and air vents

Wide doors, windows, and air vents should be made of 40 percent of the area of ​​the kitchen wall. Doors and windows are made appropriately so that it can function properly. Window created plated wire, so as to deter flies or other insects that fly into the kitchen. In addition, doors and glass windows and easily penetrated beam irradiation to be able to get as much as possible.

Kitchen Air vents

Vent in our kitchen in order to function properly, the air circulation. Then, easy to clean. Preferably coated wire netting to prevent the entry of flies and insects into the kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting

We recommend that our kitchen is bright enough, so as to facilitate the processing of food. Lighting that can illuminate up to the corners of the kitchen area also facilitate the cleaning process.

A place to wash hands

The sink is made of water-resistant material and easily cleaned. Then, there are special soap or detergent washing hands, so hand actually free of bacteria when preparing food. Then, provided tissue to replace the towels that are generally shared, less clean, and can serve as a medium of transmission of the bacteria.

Trash can

Kitchen waste should be separated into two parts, the wet waste which can be used to feed livestock, and dry waste consisting of cans, bottles, and materials are flammable. Trash is always closed, so it is not easy inhabited by flies, insects and other animals. Equally important, the trash must be cleaned every day.

Sewer line

Consists of kitchen waste-water sewage that contains fat. When in a state of waste heat, oil and grease is easily soluble in water and drain. If the waste is cold, then the water and the fat will start to separate, then oil and grease build up sewer. The narrow layer of fat, it can even clog the sewer line. Pipes and channels of kitchen waste should be designed to be easily cleaned, with sufficient slope so that the dirty water flowing fast. Our kitchen hygiene and sanitation, needs to be maintained and cared for on a regular basis. Because every day, we use the kitchen to prepare food for those we love. Of course, we always want to be eating processed into healthy food, free of germs, bacteria free, and guaranteed cleanliness.

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