Choosing Ceramic Tiles for Minimalist Home

Tips to Choose Ceramic Tiles for Minimalist House

Choosing tiles for minimalist home need to consider several things. Otherwise, form, style, and color ceramics, will only make the house as showroom irregular ceramic colors. ceramic tiles minimalist home

Before Buying Ceramic for Minimalist House

Home is where the contest and the release of fatigue from all the activities that have been performed. Back to home beautifully comfortable with eye soothing colors will be able to provide new energy, ideas and inspiration that will make your life brighter. Small or medium sized homes with a minimalist style can also be dressed up with using ceramics. ceramic tiles Ceramics have been used for hundreds of years and is believed to beautify the home. However, you have to be patient before buying ceramic. Road-building stroll to several shops. It would be more fun if you live in the city where there is a supermarket building materials, ACE store representative or other premium stores that also sell a wide range of quality ceramics from leading manufacturers, such as Platinum and Asian Tiles. Compare the color, specifications ceramics. Plenty looking information, whether asked or surfing in cyberspace. Keep in mind that in contrast to ceramic tiles for the kitchen to the bathroom floor or the terrace. Different activities to make ceramics which are also installed in different places.

Color and Material of Ceramic for Minimalist House

Choose soft colors for the living room floor and a bedroom. Different colors can be a ceramic virtual boundaries of each room. If you want a patterned, choose a simple style and not much shape. It is intended that the impression that not too heavy for a room that is not too big. Moreover, when the wall trinkets are a bit crowded with a sticker wall clock, photo, or tapestry. mozaic ceramic tile For kitchen flooring, you can choose the color of ceramic rather bold, for example red. This will make a bold impression kitchen atmosphere, although not too large, it becomes brighter. Is not the kitchen can be a central axis familiarity family? Was fitted kitchen wall tiles with matching color. Do not forget to use a special ceramic kitchen that is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Part tiled terrace fitted with a quality that is more resistant than ceramic installed in the house. Terrace should hold more weight than motorcycles or activity performed rather dense there. For bathroom walls and floors, use ceramic that easily absorbs water so that the walls and floors are not easily slippery. Colors can be used pink, green, or a mixture of soft but bright colors.

Tiling The Minimalist

minimalist ceramic tiles When buying ceramic, exaggerating about 10 percent of the amount needed. This was done to anticipate the needs of ceramics is less but the store does not have stock of the same ceramic. For installation, entrusted to experts. When carelessly, easily cracked ceramic and would ruin the aesthetics. Installing ceramic is difficult-difficult easy. However, in the hands of experts, everything will be fine and satisfactory. The builder may pay a little more expensive but the satisfaction minimalist look characterized it makes money that was spent was paid appropriately.

Choosing Ceramic for Minimalist Bathroom

Choosing a minimalist home include installation of ceramic tile in the bathroom. Obviously the selection of tiles for the bathroom requires careful consideration, especially for a minimalist bathroom. Before installing tile, you should first create the layout, especially if you plan to use more than one color ceramic. Here are some tips about choosing tile for the bathroom. Choose size ceramic tiles that make the bathroom space look more spacious. Typically ceramic tile is available in sizes 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, and 10 inches. There is also a standard ceramic tiles measuring 12 inches to 18 inches. For the minimalist bathroom, choose large tiles, 12 inches or 14 inches, to give the impression of a wider bathroom. Choose the design ceramic tiles, plain or with texture. Mosaic textured tile or solid lines make the bathroom look more narrow. To show the impression of a minimalist at once simple, you can choose plain tiles or slightly textured. Choose a warm color. Minimalism does not mean rigid. Warm colors will create the impression of a friendly and comfortable as soon as people enter the room. You can choose the color of dark brown, beige, light blue, or light green to give a warm impression. But if you want a modern impression, use a black and white color combination. Avoid choosing a brightly colored tiles like red light. Consider using two sizes of tiles and two textures; were still in tune with each other. For example, use ceramic tile measures 2 inches around the edge of the room and use a 14-inch tiles to meet the center of the room. Choose harmonious texture, or you can use plain tiles and tile textures (not both textured). Consider tile brightness. That is, if the color and type of tile you choose to make the bathroom appear brighter or even darker. Should select brightly colored tiles so that the room look brighter and wider. Save a few pieces of tile as a backup, in case the bathroom tiles were cracked and hard for you instead.

Ceramic for Minimalist House : Should Use One Color Tile Around the Home Area?

Ceramic tiles have a variety of colors and sizes. Diversity that allows the owner to create a minimalist home, making his home more artistic but still simple. Several color and texture of ceramic mounted in the room devoted to a particular, for example for the kitchen area and bathroom area. Apart from the thrill of creative use of colorful ceramic tiles, the question arises whether it is suitable if a minimalist home using different color tiles in it? The decision to wear colorful tiles in a minimalist home is less precise. Because, colorful tiles will make the house look too crowded and no longer minimalist. Here are some advantages of ceramic wear one color all over the house: minimalist home ceramic tiles Chic and contemporary look. The use of ceramics with the same color tends to produce a chic, contemporary look. The house will look neat as well as minimalist. Rows of ceramic tiles of the same color tend to unite to create a home that unsightly area. No need to bother adjusting the furniture. Imagine if you install tile in a variety of colors, of course you have to consider the color harmony with tiled floors. By only using one color, the room looks more neutral so easily harmonized with the furniture in it. Should be the same color, but different sizes can. Use the same color tiles in different sizes to create an artistic impression but still modern. Even so, attach colorful ceramic tiles in a minimalist home actually okay to do. It is for the color selection is done carefully in order to keep going in the alignment between the tiles in the minimalist home. By installing colorful ceramic tiles, the house could look more cheerful and engaging, at once eccentric. Colorful ceramic tiles can also prevent boredom, because each enters a different room, we greeted the different shades of the floor as well. But keep in mind that the range of color and texture align tiles for minimalist home is not an easy thing, it takes a good sense of art. Keywords: minimalist ceramic, ceramic home, minimalist house, minimalist ceramic

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