The Importance of Garden in Home

Have a comfortable home, spacious, charming at the same time is a dream for every family. Not quite the trendy home design, home design should also be made hommy.

Garden inside of Home is Important

In addition to home design, there are many other elements that play an important role in an effort to make the stay comfortable, such as exterior accessories, licensing, circulation space, interior, and so forth. Building homes requires expertise. This is due to many factors that must be met in order to make the home more comfortable to live. What's more, the home is closely related to other exterior elements, such as parks, side:, and so forth. Lately in one corner of the garden where residential buildings into one form needs to occupants of the house. Moreover for residents in urban areas are filled by air pollution caused by the growth of motor vehicles continues to increase. Lack of green land was considered to be the increased air pollution in the urban areas. This causes the atmosphere to cool the fresh air in the countryside as a rare thing even impossible to be found in urban areas. As a solution to these problems, eventually led to the idea of ​​creating a green area in the home environment. The idea is realized with the addition of parks and sometimes also supplemented by the ornamental fish pond. The creation of a cool green atmosphere and the sound of gurgling water from the ornamental fish pond contains, is expected to give new energy to eliminate fatigue of mind due to work load during the day. When viewed theoretically, the placement of the park in some corner of the house, of course, will create natural ventilation or air circulation is good. In addition, the plants contained in the garden can produce oxygen needed by the human body, while also absorbing carbon dioxide. Many of the benefits of adding a garden in one corner of the house. Moreover, homes in urban areas which is very rare to find trees that grow green. In addition to beautify the city, plants also serve as the lungs which neutralize air pollution. However, obstacles to create a garden in the corner of the house is blocked by a limited land area. It is necessary to manage the most beautiful garden in order to create as well as it takes a lot of land. By doing so, performance will captivate the whole house along with the park.

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