Plants Types for Garden in The House

The types of plants for the garden inside of Home

As already explained, the park does not have to be made of the building with a very wide field. Parks can be made from the narrow land, it could be made even in the house. Making a garden in a room in the house depends on the selection of the right plants for your home garden.

Here are the types of pollutants and the right plants for the garden in a room in the house:

  • Formaldehyde pollutant types, types of pollutants are usually derived from plywood, particle board, carpets, furniture, paper products, cleaning materials, petroleum, tobacco smoke, resin, and so forth. To absorb the pollutant types, the right plants to absorb pollutants this kind is Hanjuang, Bamboo Palm, Paku Neprolepis, Lili Paris, Sri fortune, Philodendron, Azalea, Aglonema, and Chrysanthemum.
  • Trikhloroetilena pollutants (TCE), this type of pollutants originating from paints, glues, varnishes, and inks. To absorb the types of pollutants that the right plants to absorb pollutants are bamboo palm plant, Hanjuang, and Chrysanthemum.
  • Benzene pollutants, these pollutants are usually berasl types of inks, oils, detergents, paints, cigarette smoke, gasoline, plastics, and rubber. Plants that can absorb pollutants is well Palem Bamboo, Chrysanthemum, Aglonema, sansivera, and Hanjuang.
The types of pollutants is certainly much unwittingly disrupt your daily activities. Therefore, it would not hurt if you plant these plants to avoid the adverse effects of pollutants close to where you live, or use of the goods which become breeding places of these pollutants. So is the discussion of the design of the house and garden can be delivered. Hopefully with this discussion, it can inspire you in designing buildings for your home and garden.

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