Arranging Minimalist Home Interior

Minimalist house interior layouts require special arrangements. Structuring always consider the layout of the room corner to avoid wasted space. The principle of this minimalist home interior design should be functional and efficient so that the space feels spacious and roomy.
Arranging Minimalist Home Interior
The selection and arrangement of furniture that is practical and functional without a lot of trinkets will present the impression of a minimalist interior is simple and powerful. Choice of colors, materials, lighting, decorative elements will support simple minimalist style and provide optimum comfort to the interior space is limited.

Reforming Minimalist House Interior

There are a few that should be considered in a minimalist home interior as follows: In the selection of furniture that should form geometry without elaborate ornamentation and easy to maintain in order to give the impression of space. Should also be supported by a choice of colors and materials to suit furniture interior theme. If possible present multifunctional furniture like the bottom of the seat that can be used for storage of books or sofa that is designed to be used as a bed. Minimalist Home Interior The presence of knick knacks as a sweetener in simple minimalist space should not dominate the overall look of the room. Customize the color theme of the room with knickknacks, harmony or contrast. Knick knacks are often presented in a minimalist interior is the wall art, both paintings, photographs and graphic works of other woods. Rows of hanging lamps can also appear aesthetically to regulate the composition and placement. Designing an efficient circulation paths and simple. Selection of proper circulation path should be adapted to the overall layout of the house. Linear circulation path or line is an option that the circulation path for the space-saving arrangement of the elongated space. Circulation pathways that converge choice more appropriate for a circular arrangement of space. Utilize the remaining space for storage or storage. With limited space, the homeowner would be required to be able to maximize the allocation and storage of goods as possible in order to keep it looking neat and simple. You can use the remaining space under the furniture, such as under the seat, a bed, a table for storing books, magazines, and others. Similarly, the remaining space on the interior elements, you can use such as storage space under the stairs, in the ceiling, in the corner of the room. Or at the blank wall, you can add a simple minimalist shelves. Partition as a room divider can be used for storage of books. Partition is not just a shelf or wood frame alone, but partitions can also be presented just a sheet of glass or mirrors are mounted vertically.

Minimalist House Interior Design

Minimalist interior design is still well-liked by the public. This is particularly as an answer to the needs of people who require a simple yet have a functioning optimally. The concept of a minimalist home is usually found in many urban areas. Where land in the city is usually very limited, making it difficult to develop a home that is spacious. By doing this minimalist home interior, then every space can be enabled with the maximum. On the other hand, the selection of minimalist house was linked to social conditions prevailing today. Where most people would prefer to limit the number of children. So it needs a spacious home was no need to be too urgent. Because of the small number of families, the minimalist-sized home can be used optimally. Tips on Arranging Minimalist House Interior This is what distinguishes the concept of family in the past. Where there is an ancient proverb that says that a lot of kids a lot of luck. So that it affects the needs of a family home. With a large number of families, the house needs extensive size becomes an absolute thing. Home with lots of room and great size becomes a necessity to meet the needs of the family. Meanwhile, in a house that uses the concept of minimalism, the available space has functional properties. Such as living room, bedroom, family room, kitchen or bathroom as well. As for on the outside of the house, in addition to part of the terrace is also often spared as garage space for families who have a car and need storage space vehicles. While, some other parts of the room are considered less optimal functioning normally not prioritized to be made.

Minimalist House Concept

Option to build a house minimalist concept, mostly done by those who do not have ample land. By building a minimalist home, the land constraints can be overcome so that the need for optimal function room that have to be fulfilled. There are several types of options in creating a minimalist home design like this. One option that is widely used is to create a two-story house. Where in the building on the ground floor, used as a garage and living room. In addition, it can also function as a kitchen and bathroom. While, for the living room and bedroom, laid on the top floor of the building. Thus, there is room on each floor can be seen more loose and airy so that it can meet the needs. The second type of minimalist home buildings are widely used is to create a one-story home designs. For this type of building, size of any room have consequences that tend to be limited and only match the needs and availability of land only. An example is for building a garage, which made the size of a car just so it could not be used to put other vehicles such as motorcycles or bicycles was also the wind. Additionally, for the bedroom can be made only in accordance with the purposes and can only accommodate items needed only. For this concept, has some advantages such as the need for funds to build a house can be saved. Because the house does not need to be built in the form of two floors, which certainly requires a larger budget than the one-story house. On the other hand, these two concepts have the disadvantage that the size of each room tends to be narrow and only in accordance with the needs and the availability of land only.

Minimalist Home Interior

In addition to minimizing shapes, minimalist interior design right is also very necessary. This minimalist home interior, in contrast to the design used for homes that are spacious. Both the problems of planning and interior arrangement. It is necessary independent techniques, so even using the concept of minimalist but should be able to create the impression that the indoor field.
 In restructuring the minimalist home interior, there are some things that need special attention. Some things to note were: Avoid using a permanent room divider. Better, use a partition that can be assembled easily. Due to the use of a permanent bulkhead is only going to lead to a narrow room memorable. With the use of insulation that is not permanent, then the function of the bulkhead just as a marker every part of the room alone. In addition we will have no trouble if need ample space, because just move the bulkhead or partition that's it. In the concept of minimalist design principles should have perfect, precise and not overdone. That is why, in choosing the form of accessories that create an impression must be clean, firm, without a lot of frills and minimize geometric shapes. If we want to use the carpet as a base, use a carpet that has a solid color and without motive. The selection of rugs such as these, will create an impression of the room is spacious and roomy. To beautify the room, you can add some accessories like paintings. Suitable for the type of house painting with this minimalist concept is a painting that has a simple composition. Additionally, you should use a frame that plain, without carving. Limit the number of paintings on the wall mounting. Because too many paintings were installed, will only lead to a narrow sense. In choosing furniture, should we need to be careful. It would be better if the furniture chosen has a simple concept with no profile with carved dark. For example, dark brown or dark green. Family room should use a dark color such as brown. Can also use iridescence given camphor wood fibers so as to create the impression of natural. For furniture that will be installed in the family room should use a simple pattern that is not too much carving. Bedroom, should be given a wall with a bright color. If we want to use the accent, choose an accent that is usually located on the back bed headboard. We can also use the technique as a decoration piece wallpaper wall. For this wallpaper, you should use natural memorable motifs such as woven bamboo or leaves. To select any bed, you should choose a bed that fits your needs. Do not use the bed size is too big because it will take up space in the room.

Minimalist House Interior Tips

Minimalist house is a house that has a lot of limitations. Therefore, we must do a special treatment so that the house can still look cool, spacious impression and also make the residents feel at home in it. For that, one thing that needs to be maintained is a matter of hygiene. Residents should be diligent in keeping the minimalist home. Because if one just looks dirty part it will be easily visible from the other parts. In addition, this minimalist home residents should not keep items that are not used in the house. Because it will only lead to easy room seem cramped. Discard or store items that are not used anymore in order to keep the look loose. The most important thing to consider in making this minimalist home is a matter of landfills. Let us not forget this part, because if it is not handled properly it will cause the waste to be less comfortable to live.

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