Size of Ergonomic Kitchen Set For Minimalist House

Kitchen set is an essential element that is in the house. In building a house, kitchen set needed to make these calculations very mature, ranging from materials to the layout of the kitchen set. Well, the following will be explained about the size of a kitchen set.

Kitchen Set For Minimalist House

Model of the modern minimalist house become the trend of today. The homes are usually equipped with kitchen supplies customized based on extensive space available. If the house is minimalist, the kitchen was the size of a minimalist. Before determining the size of a kitchen set for the kitchen, we should first examine what needs to be done in our kitchen. It is closely related to the kitchen set that will be installed in the kitchen. Adjust the order of our activities in the kitchen according to their habits. Ranging from washing, taking groceries from the refrigerator, and cooking. The order of these activities we can apply in order to get the layout of the kitchen as needed. Other things to note is the kitchen which has been owned or to be used. Size of different devices can affect the design and size of the kitchen set. Types of food that will be cooked is also a consideration how much space will be used. The most vital thing is the cost is budgeted to make the kitchen. There are three important activities that are carried out in the kitchen. The first activity is the need to store food storage areas, such as cabinets, shelves, and refrigerators. The second activity is to prepare the ingredients will be cooked, ie washing, dispensing, and cutting food. This activity requires a preparation area, include tables and sinks (sinks). Sink placement on access to a refrigerator and stove, the easier flow of activities. The third activity is cooking that requires cooking area is a place to put a stove, microwave, or oven. Standard comfort standard size has been tested in several studies that each activity can be carried out effectively. This standard is known as "ergonomic". Common things that need to be implemented in order size ergonomic kitchen set, namely: Work area, ie the free space that is located between the kitchen table opposite, should be spaced at least 90 cm. This distance is useful to provide flexibility and working people standing in the kitchen, as well as bending and squatting when taking things from under the cabinet. If concurrent activities in the kitchen circulation path, the minimum distance of 150 cm. Altitude sink, kitchen table, stove, and a work desk should be at hip level, 85 cm - 90 cm from the floor. So that the hand position is not too high or low resulting in soreness. The ideal distance between the kitchen counter with base cabinet for about 50cm - 60cm. Thus, the goods in the cabinet above can be reached easily. Width of the kitchen table about 60 cm so that the size of this, the hand can comfortably move and stove and sink installed in accordance with the standard width available. The cabinet should have a width of not more than 35 cm, so that the head does not stumble when cutting or preparing food. Indentation in the bottom of the cabinet about 10 cm so that people can stand upright facing the kitchen counter and the toe does not interfere with the cabinet. The grooves are also useful when mopping floors. Model and form a very diverse selection of kitchen sets, including:

1. Single line layout

Layout is arguably the most simple form than other forms. Cooking area, refrigerator, and sink, placed in the same row. Sample size for the kitchen set such corridor or are in a long line of wall measuring 300 cm, then at least to the width of the kitchen set to 200 cm, while the height cabinet (below) about the size of an adult hip height of approximately 85 cm.

2. Layout L

If we want to create a kitchen that joins the living room or the dining room L shape layout is perfect because it makes the room look bigger than it is. One side can be used for laying a refrigerator, sink and cooking area. Other side of the sink with a cabinet that blends. Examples of such size width 60 cm, height 70 cm, and a length of 300 cm. The bottom of the cabinet size is 200 x 70 x 60, and the upper cabinet measuring 300 cm, width 30 cm height of about 100 cm. Multiplex is a material commonly used for making cabinets. Such materials are generally coupled with takon layer.

3. Layout U

If you have a fairly large rectangular area, the layout of this could be a good choice. This layout is positioned opposite the sink area with a refrigerator or cooking area. Can also position the sink and cooking area flanking the refrigerator, resulting in a position that allows the kitchen activity.

4. Layout Breakfast Nook

This design is usually found in the apartment or house mini kitchen with limited area. If there is a table in the kitchen for breakfast-shaped 'A', it serves as a simple table. Lighting and kitchen flooring is also worth noting that there remains a tiny kitchen comfortable and aesthetically. Of some earlier layout, choose the size of the sink is also noteworthy. You must be careful in measuring land area to sink. If the size of the kitchen set is limited, choose a single bowl sink size or standard. If a family member serves a variety of recipes hobbies and require a large room, use a sink large enough to be able to store a variety of cookware. As such, it requires a large area. And finishing materials used for kitchen sets are also other important things to be taken into account. Quality and durability of the material in accordance with the kitchen set that costs will be incurred. Game of colors and patterns in the area greatly affect the atmosphere of the kitchen set kitchen. Many color options that we can choose according to their individual tastes. We can see some color reference examples of information about kitchen design over the internet or books specifically interior design kitchen set. If we choose the sample size in the store kitchen set kitchen set, the calculation of the price offered mostly prefers to use its own benchmark standard size. Price per meter refers to a standard size. Sample sizes make cupboard bottom, the maximum height is 70 cm, while the depth (width) of about 60 cm. Maintenance and cleanliness of the kitchen set must be considered in order to keep the kitchen comfortable and well maintained.

Tips on Caring Kitchen Set

  • Choose durable materials, such as wood. Kitchen set made from wood can be dried to a certain temperature and will not shrink in the event of a breach.
  • Keep the kitchen. In the event of an oil spill or clean up spills immediately seasoning. Or if finished cooking, immediately clean the kitchen set.
  • Wear proper exhaust fan above the stove. Make sure the air suction process goes well and does not damage the cabinet on it.
Well, that's the description of the size of the kitchen set. Hopefully useful explanation given.

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