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The architectural design of the house now attracted the attention of the people. Architectural design of this house can make the house nice minimalist arrangement. For more of this article will discuss the architectural design of the house. As many know, the house is a haven for any family. Not only that, the house is also the resting place of all family members of all activities throughout the day. The house became the last place to rest tired after a long day of work, school, shopping, and other activities. The house is also the place chatting with friends, so that all the tiredness and fatigue that is felt throughout the day was lost. Thus the importance of the meaning of home, of the architectural design becomes a very important concern. Not only should suffice and be made comfortable, the house also had to be designed with the best design for the family. What's more, the current design of the house is very diverse, ranging from minimalist house design, luxury, and so forth. All designs are aimed at the same house, which is to make the residents comfortable.

Overview of The Minimalist Home Designs

Architectural design house which is currently attracting people's attention is the design of minimalist architecture. Trends of minimalist house architecture design which is modern style, a new entry into Indonesia after the 1990's. The architectural style is a minimalist house modern construction concept that follows the guidelines "form follow function". Creation of a space form (elements of philosophy and aesthetics) are based on function, so ruthless efficiency can be felt. The purpose of this minimalist home architecture design is actually that the arrangement of space can be easily and nicely laid out and the room looks more beautiful, especially for a small or home-type medium. Style home architecture minimalist design, it is bustling once offered to the public, especially in the housing (complex or residence). In fact, because too gimmicky Indonesian society, we can see some people turn into minimalist home design classic. House with a minimalist design also makes family members who inhabit the house became more and more comfortable. With a minimalist layout, the selection of colors, and the corners of the house are multifunctional make anyone want to own a house with a minimalist design. Basically, a minimalist home architecture design is usually made with horizontal lines and vertical only. Corners are also made simple and has its own function. In addition, home ornaments were also made not too much. Chairs, tables, lamps, wall hangings, wall color, and so forth are made with a simple course follows the concept of minimalist design of the house. This is what makes everyone switch to a minimalist home design. Paradigm shift in minimalist design At first architectural design minimalist house designed in the concept of "form follow function" by the originator. The concept is to get around the performance of occupancy in order to look good even if only at a cost that is not too expensive. It then becomes iconic model of modern homes today. Some of the originator is Le Corbusier, Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Mies Van de Rohe. Then, after the outbreak of the home design trends, the people from the upper middle class (middle-up) interested and make it to a standard that "classy". With the existence of the phenomenon, is now functioning minimalist house itself has been reduced, as the concept of a minimalist home in Indonesia, which tend to use tile because of its tropical climate. Said to be reduced because the concept of a minimalist home architecture is no longer wholly followed the initial concept of the originator. But it is legitimate, while the house can make its occupants safe from the heat and rain. The originator of this minimalist concept is not entirely embraced by some people who have the same outlook would an architecture. This is what makes many styles mixed in minimalist design so minimalist concept conceived by Le Corbusier, Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Mies Van de Rohe seta not necessarily used in every modern minimalist home design today. As is well known, minimalist home design today is more varied existence. Although still using a minimalist concept that was initiated by the originator, the current minimalist design modified and adapted to the times today. Moreover, as noted previously, the current minimalist design has also been eroded by the existing environmental conditions. From this minimalist design does not fully use minimalist concept conceived by the architects of the world.

Minimalist House Design Type

There are many types of minimalist home. Nowadays we can find a simple minimalist home, two-story or three-story. House type also varied ranging from the type 27, type 36, type 45 and others. Every city in Indonesia has the concept of a minimalist home different, especially in big cities. The contractors have switched to minimalist design offers the community. Minimalist house design architecture that is currently much demand is Balinese minimalist home architecture design. Bali house design minimalist style is a design house that is much favored by today's society. Not only provide a simple home design and do not require a lot of expense, Balinese-style home architecture design was chosen because it is more balance between nature and the environment. Bali house design minimalist style will usually use natural materials from which of course makes the house look more balanced impression. The balance between nature and also houses the shelter makes a very suitable as a dream home. Not only that, the house with a minimalist concept of Balinese are also able to harmonize modern concept which is full of all the things that become a trend with the natural concept that provides its own nuances in it. House with a minimalist design and stylish Bali also usually able to balance natural resource with existing components in the home. For example, the use of lights into one piece of equipment in the home is balanced by the arrangement of sunlight as a natural resource which is pure. It can be synchronized with the arrangement and use of windows put into place that strategic. In addition, comprehensive corners also provide a natural feel for the residents who can be tricked by the use of ornament house, laying the components, and also order room arranged. From this and will create the feel of a balance between the concept of natural or natural resources as well as modern concepts harmoniously combined.

Young Couple Home Trends

The rise of bids and minimalist home design appeal, attract the attention of young couples who want to have a comfortable dwelling is simple because of the shape and style that has become the trend of today. For a young couple newly married and wanted to have a place to live, the type of minimalist home is perfect for the efficiency and simplicity of its shape especially her "prestige" tall. Of course the selection of a home for a young family with a pocket adapted owned. Current trends minimalist house type not only for simple family, but also has expanded into the luxury lifestyle for some circles. The reason young couples choosing minimalist home design because the number of family members are still little so not much need a large space in the daily activities. In addition, architectural design minimalist house was liberating for young couples who fully developed the art of creativity, ideas, and ideas to be implemented into the design of the house to be designed. With construction costs are not as high as the classic style and also ornaments that are not so much the house, make the house with a minimalist design is perfect for the modern young couples as it is today. Thus the discussion of architectural design minimalist house that can be delivered, may be useful.

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