Simple House Design

For those who like simplicity, in the affairs of the house also must build more houses like the simple design. If you want to make a minimalist home, here you can find information about home design simple. Someone who likes things simple and simple, minimalist style house will love the simple patterned. Simple is the pattern of thinking, working, and way of life. He is a new perspective in viewing design as a reflection of people's lifestyles are practical, lightweight, and efficient. Simple house can also have a clearer character although the shape and geometric space is relatively simple. Impression can be made more robust and strong with the empty spaces that only comes a little furniture and ornaments. The more simple the concept is the quality of design, space availability, and completion of the structure must be getting better. But keep in mind, if a house is built in the shape and structure is too simple, it will look boring and not attract attention. Therefore, planning is important here. Form of a simple house does not always have to always be a standard box, but can also form a fixed geometry farrago match. However, if the house should and need to have a box, the box shape is the result of the function needs, not because of coercion or talkative follow trends. Simplicity is the key word, thus affecting the design and methods of manufacture.

Creating Simple House Design

Owning a home is simple but looking beautiful, it must be a dream for those who are married. Design a simple house is actually not too difficult, even can be done by you without having to hire the services of a designer. If you own a home or still want to build a house, you can make simple home design fairly easily. The most important thing is the alignment between furnishings / furniture, color, and spatial planning. Creating a simple house design was essentially a home design as simple as possible. For example, in the only available space 0ruang required without any additional rooms, such as dining room, bedroom, living room, kitchen, and so forth. Creating a simple house with a theme is chosen by many people today. besides does not require a lot of ornaments in the house, simple home design also became home design trend today. Design a simple house or it could also be said this minimalist design house of choice for people who do not like complicated designs. Concept that many European homes use detailed carvings and distinctive colors are still many routes, but most people considered the concept of home with a lot of detail that takes time and considerable expense of course.

Simple House Design Tips

Large or small a house is not a problem to create a simple house designs. Here are some tips for you who want to create a simple home of your dreams.
  • Simple house is a house that does not have too much furniture or furniture. Purchase furniture that important and indeed necessary, for example, chairs, tables, beds, cabinets, etc.. Number of furniture should also be tailored to the needs, not wants.
  • Simple house design is identical with minimalist house, so you should buy the goods that are the theme. Choose furniture that is simple and does not have too much detail. For example, buy a sofa with a pattern or a color, not a sofa that has shades of "crowded" and luxurious impression. As another example, buy a simple coffee table, not the table with a full buffer carving or other accessories.
  • To color in home design simple, you should not use too many types of contrasting color in one house or room. Use a variety of contrasting colors that look, will not create harmony room. For example, in the bedroom, you can use white wall color, for the color of the bed and other furniture can wear similar colors or any other color that still looks cool. When you want to wear contrasting colors, you should choose only 1-2 colors that match the color of the walls. For example, combine white color with red and orange, or white with black color combine.
  • In the arrangement of furniture, make sure the inside of the room is not too much stuff so that the room did not seem cramped. Put the important stuff and avoid the addition of decoration that is not too important and in order to create the impression of "tightness" in the room.
  • Design a simple house is located in the furniture selection and arrangement, but still must be supported by other things that can make a house look pretty simple. Make sure quite a lot of light coming into the room, so that your home does not look bleak. Keep your house clean anyway so still liveable. The existence of a window and ventilation is essential for the regulation of air circulation, so your simple home not stuffy and smelly.
In essence, a simple house design minimalist house design. Without a lot of ornaments, and furniture in the house using a simple layout, tools, ornaments, and other minimum. Of course it is different from other home design. Without prejudice to the use of all aspects of the house, the house with a simple design to minimize everything else in the house. This is why the design of this house is called with a simple home.

Simple House Design

House with a simple design will usually often found in suburban areas. In addition, the simple design is also commonly used in residential areas both personal housing and housing services. Simple house design is identical to the one-story house with a conventional shape. Simplicity in form and design of the house has some advantages, so some people choose the shape and design of the house is simple. As explained previously, a house with a simple design usually has important public spaces, such as living room, family room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and bedroom. Efficient room also describe a simple house in accordance with the government's family planning program. The government program suggests a family of four, two kids and two parents. Simple house design is now widely used by people. Not only because the cost of the construction or making housing affordable, but simple home also has advantages. Here are the advantages of the home with a simple design;
Right amount of space
With the simple design of the house, number of rooms were not so many and great, so make a simple house is not extravagant room. It also allows the use of land for the house was not so great. Under these conditions, the remaining land can be used for other things, such as children's playground, garden plants, or if possible be made gazebo.
Easily Treated
Home with simple design has other advantages, which is easy to maintain and clean. This of course is very useful for those who do not have much time to pay attention to the house. The bustle of your daily life would be a reason to pay attention to the state of the house. And with a simple design on your home, you do not need to worry about the condition of your home.
Use of Small Costs
With a simple house form, certainly in the cost of housing will be lighter. This is because a simple house has one floor and the rooms were a little, so it does not have to cost more to build and fill the interior of the house is simple. Coupled with the furniture that fills the house did not need too much. Of course, it is very beneficial for people who have a limited budget. This simple home design is a lot of benefits, in addition to minimizing the existing land, a house with a simple design is also able to be an alternative for those who have a limited budget. Many of the ideas in home design is simple, you only have to explore and develop the land that you have. Thus the discussion of simple house design that can be delivered, may be useful.

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