Design Tips for Maximizing Tiny House

Tips for Maximizing Small House Design

1. Use the Mirror

Mirror creates the impression of a room. Put a mirror in the dining table or in the living room area. Mirror that has a large size kept in a strong room effect. Before the mirror placed on the wall, we can first try placing it in several places to determine the effect of the room.

2. Use Built-in Furniture

Built-in designs to create the impression of simple living and making a wider space. Moreover, it can reduce the cost of purchasing furniture. For example, in the bedroom, the closet can be "attached" to the wall or in the gypsum. We just need to make shelves in it and make the door only to minimize the cost of making furniture. The inside of the cabinet can be coated wallpaper so much sweeter.

3. Use Small Sized Furniture

For example, for a dining table. Use a small dining table and placed against the wall with 4 chairs. Chairs used better puff so that the impression of more space. Use also coffee table and credenza are small.

4. Choose furniture that Memorable Light

Do not choose the furniture that "heavy" and thick. Find furniture that is thin and shaped frame, not fields. Examples for credenza TV, choose furniture with legs, do a full up to the floor. Well, that's the explanation of the minimalist design of the house and garden. Hopefully useful explanation given to you all.

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