Designing a Beautiful, Healthy, and Safe Home Kitchen

Home Kitchen Design

That the design of the kitchen can look beautiful home there are a few tips that can be followed:
  1. For lighting use bright colors, clean impression and wide in order to be seen.
  2. For coloring, choose a color that is not crowded impression.
  3. When making kitchen choose a position that can be seen directly from the living room and dining room. Even better if the two can be merged with this space.
  4. Kitchen design should also obeying the model as well as the interior. So it can be an integral and separate.
  5. Note also the problem structuring furniture, cooking equipment, materials and a place to store food so that it looks harmonious.
As for safety and health when making a home kitchen design also need to consider the following matters.

1. Exposure

The kitchen space should always receive direct sunlight. Its function is to kill the germs and bacteria that can lead to health problems. Besides sunlight can also repel cockroaches or rodents and other nuisance animals. Because they like being in a dark and damp. Another function is when there is a change in food color or grow fungus can be known directly.

2. Air vents

Good kitchen must have vents for air circulation in the room. Because of smoke or vapor arising while cooking should immediately remove and replaced with fresh new air. The goal is to avoid the odor and appearance of the gases that contain toxins.

3. Material

When creating a kitchen, use materials that are resistant to heat and steam. The best example is ceramic. The price is also cheap and easy maintenance. That needs to be avoided is using wood materials as flammable. Additionally make walls without texture because the texture is difficult to clean, especially when exposed to oil and dust.

4. Equipment

Put dangerous tools out of the reach of children. Especially stoves and electronic equipment as well as sharp. Also do not use equipment made of plastic. Because the plastic content contained substances that can poison food.

5. Hygiene

The kitchen should always be clean. To make a kitchen design house interior arrangement of space and is easy on the broom and cleaned of dirt. Dirty kitchen would certainly be a comfortable place for the growth of viruses and bacteria that can poison food.

6. Security

When is cleaning the kitchen, avoid excessive use of pesticides. Also, do not store it in the kitchen. If inadvertently exposed to food and can be fatal. If forced to use, wide open vents to allow air to soon change. Besides that move food and other materials to a safe place first. All materials and tips on kitchen design that is the most basic of designing a kitchen in the house. With the selection of layout, materials, lighting, ventilation, and so forth can make a kitchen space in the house to be very comfortable.

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