The Right Paint Colors for Each Room

Tips to Choose The Right Paint Colors for Every Room & Kitchen

The Right Paint Colors for Each Room/Interior

The color selection is quite important in the arrangement of the home. Not only for aesthetic value only, but make you and family members more comfortable. Each color has its own function and character. There is character of soothing, energizing or triggering aggressiveness. Therefore choosing colors should be adjusted to the function of room in the house. Check out some tips to choose color for every room in your house, as quoted from Paintersoflouisville.

1. Workspace Interior Color

Blue Workspace Interior
Blue Workspace
Blue is a color that is suitable for work space. The cool color have a calming effect and can help you stay focused on something that is being done. That is why blue is often associated with productivity. Choose the color of dusty blue, navy blue or salted egg blue for the walls. Blue light is also suitable for boys room.

2. Bedroom Color

Green Bedroom Color
Green Bedroom Color
Light green is the ideal color for the bedroom. Providing fresh but full effects of tranquility. Elements of the yellow color (green is a secondary color blend of blue and yellow) give the feel comfortable and healthy in the room that makes you sleep more soundly.

3. Girls' Bedroom Color

Pink Girls Bedroom
Cute Girls Bedroom

Pink paint on the walls to give the impression of a warm room, girlie, soft and cheerful. Although classified as a warm color, it turns pink has a calming effect. The color is even used in some prisons overseas, so that prisoners do not behave aggressively.

4. Kitchen Color

Yellow Kitchen Color
Yellow Kitchen Color

Yellow color is suitable for the kitchen because it makes the room brighter, increase energy and metabolism. The color gives you the spirit to move when cooking food for the family. But do not use for a baby's bedroom as if it too long to see this color, eyes will be tighten and tired.

5. Family Room

Purple Family Room
Purple Family Room Color
Use lavender purple, because it could soothe the nerves and give a relaxing effect. It also adds to the impression of magnificent while being at home, because the color purple is often associated with well-being and wisdom. In addition to the family room, the color is also suitable for the living room.

6. Dining Room

Red Dining Room
Red Dining Room Color

Red can trigger appetite. That is why many restaurants are using this color as the interior design to attract buyers. For example, McDonald's, KFC, Wendy's and Pizza Hut.

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