Anti Food Stains Plate Technology

Anti Wet Plate. Can Clean Itself Without Washed

In the future, perhaps washing the dishes will 'disappear' from the list of household tasks. Swedish product designer has created a feeding device that can clean itself. Without using a sponge, or washing soap.

The designers use the latest technology applied in the coating material for plate, so the plate or bowl become waterproof and dirt proof. Oil or seasoning food can not stick to the surface of the plate, and food scraps just need to be rinsed with water to remove.

Anti Food Stains Plate
Anti Food Stains Plate Picture.

Anti Stain Plate Materials

The secret of this Anti Food Stain Plate Technology is in the materials used. Each plate is made of lightweight cellulose based materials, but solid and hard as ceramic. This is certainly a new breakthrough. Because in general, cellulose used for the manufacture of sponge or cleaning cloth.

Cellulose is an organic compound, which is found in cotton fiber, wood and dry hemp. Cellulose shaped grains compacted by means of pressure using a hot mold and then formed into trays, plates and bowls. After cooling process, the cellulose material becomes hard and dense like ceramics, but very light and not easily broken. Then continue to the coating process called Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solutions. This process is done by dissolving the wax in liquid carbon dioxide at high temperature and pressure. The liquid is then sprayed onto the entire plate evenly. This coating is similar to a lotus leaf floating on the water but never soggy or wet.

Anti Wet Plate Technology
Anti Wet Plate Technology by Tomorrow Machine & Innventia

This product was developed by a Swedish design studio, Tomorrow Machine, in collaboration with research firm Innventia. Cellulosic material produced by Innventia while coating technique created by KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

This Anti-Stain Plate not only save natural resources when the manufacturing process, but also reduces the use of water and chemicals (from dishwashing liquid) when the products are in use. Unfortunately, this Anti Food Stain Plate product that look stylish with a pattern of blue-white marble could not be found on the market yet. Because of this new anti-stain plate was created as a prototype and will not be mass-produced and commercially in the near future.

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