6 Unique Glass House Designs

Inspirational Glass House for Residential and Office

The house is a place for shelter, which provides comfort to the occupants. Because of that, it is very important to design the house in accordance with the wishes. Many people design a glass house to give a different impression from the other houses. In fact, there are also offices are designed so. Transparent glass home and work office style that also looks unique. Here are some inspiring glass house and dream glass office designs, as quoted from Oddee.

Unique Glass House Design in Italia

Italian Glass House Design Ideas
Italian Glass House Design.
Beam shaped glass house design, designed by designer and architects Carlo Santambrogio Milano. This glass house consists of three floors was deliberately designed in cold climates. That's why this house is considered to be the 'home of snow'. Not only the walls are designed with glass ornaments, but the floor of the house was made ​​with glass. Interested in having a house like this?

Glass House Design in Australia

Glass House Design Photos
Inspirational Australian Glass House Design.
Located close to the sea in Pittwater, about 30 km north of Sydney, Australia, this transparent house looks beautiful because of its location in the middle of the trees and foliage. This glass house was designed by architectural firm, Sanby Utz Sydney. The floor was dominated by wooden ornaments to help to align the glass house that located at the middle of the forest.

Unique Glass House In Germany

Awesome Unique Glass House in Germany
Picture of Awesome Unique Glass House in Germany.
This transparent building was built in 2007. Apparently, the building belongs to Glaskoch Corporation was designed by 3Deluxe for an informal meeting place. The entire rooms of the glass house also comes with all-white shades, good interior, and furniture.

Wood Glass House in UK

Wood Glass House in UK
Unique glass house with wood cover in UK.
This one glass house design is completely unique and different from other homes. Yes, this transparent house, turns out that on the outside is equipped with wooden ornaments, which can be shifted backwards and forwards. If the weather is hot or do not want that scorching sun light radiates to the glass house, wooden ornaments such as a sliding door that could serve to cover the transparent house. Cool!

Glass Home Design in Amerika

American Glass House Design
Picture of American Glass House Design.
This Glass house is designed on top of the hill. The house was also equipped with a transparent pool that large enough. Although this glass house looks simple but it still looks comfortable. Even this house was once one of the filming locations in the movies, such as "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" (1998), "Corrina, Corrina" (1994), and "Crazy, Stupid, Love" (2011).

Inspirational Glass House in Netherlands

Unique Glass House Ideas
Over The Lake Glass House Ideas in Holland.
This transparent house made of glass located in Netherlands, placed ​​over the lake. The view offered is certainly very impressive. The floor was made ​​of glass so that occupants can see the lake water directly.

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