Gardening in Apartment

Tips and Ideas for Gardening in Apartment

How to make garden in apartment? For those of you who like gardening, do not worry for the hobby due to stay at the apartment. Limited space and height is not a barrier to gardening in apartment.

gardening in apartment with pot
Example of Gardening in Apartment Picture.

Of course, you can still do gardening in an apartment! You can use a pot at least 17cm in diameter as well planting area of vegetables, plants with beautiful leaves. Alternatively, you can use a long pipe with a minimum diameter of 7.5 cm.

vertical garden in apartment
Beautiful Vertical  Garden in Apartment Photo.

To be more efficient and environmentally friendly, you can also use tin cans. Stacking pots from tin cans on iron buffer so as to produce a small vertical garden that does not take up space. Tiny balcony in the apartment now appear more green and useful. And now you can do your gardening hobby. Look also indoor plant types for you who want to make garden in house. I hope this short article about gardening in apartment tips will be helpful for you. :)

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