Guide to Organize Kitchen According to Feng Shui

How to Organize Kitchen, According to Feng Shui?

The kitchen, can be regarded as 'heart' of life at home. Starting from cooking, preparing breakfast to dinner and do the dishes all done here. In the science of feng shui, the kitchen is also regarded as the most important room in the house. Therefore, this place should be clean, comfortable and into the room that makes the whole family feel happy when get together and talk. In addition there are six more things that need to be considered when arranging the kitchen.

6 Ways To Organize Kitchen According to Science of Feng Shui

Kitchen Feng Shui
Kitchen FengShui
This guidance according to feng shui, as quoted from Care2.

1. Show the Bright and Cheerful Feel in The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most active room in the house. So choose the bright, active and cheerful colors to the wall or furniture. You can also beautify a kitchen with wall hangings and enough kitchen lighting. Do not forget to put also one or two small pots containing live plants because everything comes from nature can make life healthier.

2. Maintain The Kitchen To Keep It Neat

Attach a kitchen set with lots of cabinets and shelves for storing cookware and spices. Place the basket as well to put the dirty dishes, unwashed, in order not scattered and piled up in the sink or the sink. That way, the kitchen will always be a favorite place to bring the family without having to interfere with the not beautiful scenery of dirty and smelly dishes.

3. Sorting The Cooking and Eating Equipment

Instead, place the cookware and eating equipment, which is more often used every single day. Such as pans, pots, teapots, dinner plates, serving dishes, drinking glasses, silverware, and so on. Do not fill your kitchen shelves and cabinets with unused objects that only complicate you move in the kitchen. Remember the last time you use the furniture, and store goods in warehouses that have been the last six months you do not touch.

4. Secure The Dangerous Goods

Store knives in a special box and put it on the top edge of the cabinet for safe keeping, that are not easily touched children. Hanging lap dishwasher away from the stove and move other objects, which is combustible. Security is the main thing, because most of the accidents that occur in the home due to unsafe kitchen.

5. Keep Away Dining Table from TV

Sit down and eat together at the dining table should be a moment to share stories, relax and refresh the body. For that you need a great place to eat every day. A place where family members can connect and communicate with each other. It is important to provide a comfortable chair and artwork (paintings, photographs, drawings) on the wall. Either watched television event with family, but not while eating. Discipline yourself and family while eating. Avoid watching TV to keep the warmth of home and family.

6. Provide The Element of Land/Earth

Earth element, gives 'grounded' energy in the body. Important factor when it comes to contact with the fire and the knife in the kitchen. If you are planning to renovate the kitchen, choose kitchen wall color or replace the ceramic in kitchen with granite, or ground shades (brown, brick red, leaf green, and so on). Excellent for placing furniture, or decor with warm colors (yellow, gold, orange) near the sink to balance the water element. Black, a color that represents the element of water and can make kitchen area becomes feels too 'floating' and it is not good for kitchen decoration. That all Guides to Organize Kitchen According to Feng Shui science.

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