Garden for Kids Playground

How to Make House Garden for Children's Play Area

In his book Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv explores some disorders, due to a deficit of nature to human life. The basic theory is simple. He said that the kids now, less in play outside the house. As a result, they have less self-confidence and creativity, can not think outside of the box, difficult to work together with others, as well as a number of psychological and physical characteristics such as obesity.
Garden for Kids Playground
Small Garden for Kids Playground | houzz.

Richard says, departed from that children need to play in nature, especially the diverse nature. You can make it, designing a small nature, with wild and free similarities in it. Yes, you can make a green and healthy small garden for the developing mind and soul of your children.

Sound Harmonization in Kids Playground Garden

Garden Pool for Kids Playground
Pool in Garden | houzz
A fountain is a harmonic sound source or shallow rippling pond will attract children to always want to play in the park. Not only enjoy, but make this pool as the other life, to be known by your kids. Fish, turtles, or water plants will be a source of new knowledge.

The Diverse Textures and Flavors in Garden for Kids Playground

The more color and variety of the leaf, the stronger the flavor that is created to make the kids connected and explore the natural surroundings. Lavender flowers, grass, or a rose on the side of the road is the arena of children's play and find out. Make the grass plants grow from the lowest to the highest among the flowers. Vary the large leaf and small leaf, green leaf color and red or blue and yellow leaves.

Garden Chairs or Patio

Garden Chair for Kids Playground
Chair in Garden for Kids Playground | shutterstock
Provide seating. The best place to sit in the garden in between the grass and flowers, or at the edge of the pond. Make this sitting position facing the expanse of grass or flowers for a faithful friend to relax and sharpen children's imagination if he likes to draw or paint.

Create a Mystery in Garden for Kids Playground

You can create a garden that implies a lot of goals and create mystery. Making small roads, footpaths hidden among the trees, a corner hidden by bushes and so on. These are the places that you could specifically designed to train children to think independently and explore the surrounding environment. Where are the way to go out? What is in the corner there? Where I can hide and be sure no one will find me? That's what you can cultivate through a small garden for kids playground in your home!

Charm of Rock in Garden for Kids Playground

Who does not like playing with a rock? All the kids would love it! Start with the stones with smooth edges or toothed rough, they like to hold and throw to grass or pond. Well, pile the stones and make the creations to beautify your garden.

Welcome to the wildlife!

Almost all of the above will be immediately invite wildlife into your garden, whether it by water/pond, rocks, and textured landscape with a variety of plants and flowers. These plants will support the local food chain of insects and birds. However, you do not need squirt of pesticides or other chemicals. Besides good for nature, it is also a good way to maintain the health of your children.

Of course, deep down inside, in the future we would like our children to go far, either to the mountains or to the forest, to the edge of a river or lake as the most beautiful places that inspire and enable them to get there one day to get out of ordinary life. All of that you can start from your home garden. See also the importance of house garden. Let the Garden for Kids Playground in your home, be the beginning for your children to find themselves for the first time.

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