7 Houses Inspired by Movies

List of 7 Incredible House Inspired from Cartoons & Movies

Houses Inspired by Movies
Real Houses Inspired by Cartoons
After a luxurious house and weirdest in the world, now there are seven unique house inspired from movies and cartoon characters. Some residential buildings is indeed very interesting. Want to see how the appearance of the houses inspired by movies? Here's a list of real cartoon/movie houses, as quoted from Oddee.

1. The Simpsons House

The Simpsons House
Real life Simpsons house.
This colorful house is designed like the Simpsons family's home. The interior was actually almost identical to the one in the cartoon. The house is located in Henderson, Nevada.

2. Barbie's Home

Real Barbie Home
Barbie real life dream house.
For you Barbie lovers, must have felt passionately when viewing this home. The house is designed by Jonathan Adler, the interior designer of Barbie inspired home, complete with a shoe closet. This pink house is located in Malibu, California.

3. House of Minnie Mouse

Real House of Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse House in Real Size.
If you've ever been to Mickey's Toontown at Disneyland Anaheim, California, surely you've seen this house. Interestingly, various kinds of furniture designed as plastic.

4. Hobbit's House

Hobbit House
The Hobbit's House.
This house was built by Simon Dale. It only took four months to build this tiny house of the Hobbit.

5. Hello Kitty's House

Hello Kitty House
Cute Hello Kitty's House.
The owner of this house is definitely a fan of the cartoon character, Hello Kitty. Outside and inside design shades of pink. Cute house for girls. The house is also filled with a decorative face or ribbons of Hello Kitty.

6. Batman's House

Batman House
Batman Inspired House.
The house is dominated by a mix of black and white palette, was inspired from the movie superhero, Batman. Although large, but this house looks gloomy, and creepy.

7. Star Wars House

Star Wars House
Star Wars House
Built in 1970 by Claude King, this house inspired by Neil Armstrong, who had just landed on the moon, and the Star Wars movies. The house is shaped like a flying saucer, located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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