Future Bedroom Technology

Futuristic Bedrooms, Desired by Many People

Technology has become a thing that can not be separated from human. The sophistication of technology makes people become dependent and do it all with just a little movement. Starting from a futuristic toilet that can shut itself, lights that can be lit only with the flick of a finger, until television operated through hand movements.

Desired Futur Bedroom Technology

The house has now become a very minimalist, but full of advanced technology. Seeing human tendency that more and more dependent on technology, agency The Sleep Council is also interested in knowing the desired dream bedroom in the future. After conducting a large-scale survey, researchers found there are five features in the bedroom, most people expect to be real. What kind picture of future bedroom in people mind? This list, as quoted from Female First.

Future Bedroom Technology Ideas

  1. Bedroom with auto lights feature. Having lights that can light up itself in the morning, to help owners get up in the morning on time.
  2. Auto adjustment material temperature. The bedroom equipped with material that can adapt to the air temperature. For example mattresses which can be adjusted into a warm / cold in summer or winter.
  3. Auto clean bedroom furniture. Bedroom with furniture that can clean itself and anti-bacteria and germs. For example, a mattress with a system that can automatically sterilize itself, so the user does not have to clean it regularly.
  4. Smart bed technology that can monitor the condition of the vital organs of the user while sleeping. This bed can warn users when exposed to infections, colds, coughs, or when going on a heart attack.
  5. Energy efficient bedroom. Floors can collect energy and turn it into electricity. For example, the carpet which can absorb light and convert it into energy that can be used.

Futuristic Bedroom Technology | The Sleep Council
How about you, what kind of futuristic bedroom technology do you want?

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