5 Teal Themed Interior and Exterior Decorations | Trend 2014

Inspirations of Teal Color Application in Home Decoration Trend 2014

Teal, the color that becomes a trend in 2014, which was issued by the Dulux paint brand. Green and blue colors blend has a varied range of colors, ranging from light to dark teal that can be customized with various mood.

5 Teal Themed Decoration Ideas

Inspiration in the use of teal color is also launched by Dulux and AkzoNobel Global Aesthetic Center into five themes for interior and exterior decoration that can be applied at home, work space or recreation area.

1. The Silent Revolution

Tale Room Decor
Silent Revolution - Teal Themed Room Design.
This trend is very delicate, using several variations and gradations of color palette dominated by white and neutral. The color palette provide a calm and quiet atmosphere with game textures and natural materials. For this theme, teal applied in a darker shade.

2. Urban Folk

Tale Room Decor
Teal Decoration Themes : Urban Folk.

This palette shades bring life from the fresh and bright colors, so it makes the room look new. The color of the palette is inspired by cross stitch embroidery, bright ornament of a typical Russian dolls, light and cheerful decor as Scandinavian style, but also tucked a luxurious touch of India, South American and Chinese style, which is full of bright colors.

3. Margin of Proof

Tale Room Decor
Margin of Proof - Teal Interior Decoration Theme Ideas.
If you want the feel of a more mature and serious, this theme is suitable to be applied to the workspace. Neutral palette dominated by bright colors only as accents to 'turn on' the room. Bright colors like teal, scarlet and orange contrast looks over dark shades of natural materials such as wood, marble, and cement.

4. The Secret Garden

Tale Room Decor
The Secret Garden | Teal Themed Garden.
Implies romance, feminism, and mysterious with predominantly green and purple. This palette is more mellow, shabby and smoky nuances.

5. Do It Now

Tale Room Decor
Do It Now - Decoration Theme with Teal Color.
Using lively colors, which gives the spirit and energetic. Suitable to be applied to the children's play room, or recreation room in the house or office.

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