Common Home Decorating Mistakes

5 Common Mistakes in House Decorating That Make A Mess Looks

Decorate home our self will not only save cost but also add our own personal touch to the home. But decorating homes is not an easy job, because if there is wrong placement or layout, it will actually diminish the beauty of the house. Here are some ways that are not appropriate when decorating a house, as quoted from Helium.

Home Decorating Mistakes
Home Decorating

1. Pasting All Furniture to Wall

This is the fist of common home decorating mistakes to avoid when decorating interior. Many people think the room will seem more spacious if all the furniture is placed on the wall. Such as sofas, chairs and tables. But the visible is the opposite, the room look untidy. Furniture will look nicer and the room seem more 'friendly' if placed in the angle, which is surrounded by empty space. Place a set of furniture in the middle of the room. Furniture should not be placed too far apart to allow people to communicate more easily when held a small discussion in the living room.

2. Gratuitous in Placing Wall Hanging

Many people who do not know the rules of display wall hangings. Generally, ornaments hung too high, thus making it difficult to be enjoyed by guests. Or decorations is too small, while the walls of the room or space is too large, so the room seem empty. The proper way to hang wall hangings are placed in the middle and lower, which can be seen clearly.

3. Lighting is Too Dark/Bright

Lack of proper lighting not only makes the room look less good, but also interfere with the person who was in the house. That is the 3rd in common home decorating mistakes to avoid. Lights should be placed under or parallel to the eye. If you put the lights on the ceiling, use a rather dim lamp, so that the light from above is not too bright. Choose lights that can be mounted on a table or floor if possible, and make sure it is coordinated with other decor elements.

4. Too Many Home Furnishings

Wearing accessories such as urns, picture frame or other display could be a way to decorate the room. But if you pull out all the displays that you have at the same time will make the room seem cramped and cluttered. Just select a few items to the room and note the model and size. Large displays should be placed no more than two items in one room. While the small displays can be placed in the living room or bedroom. Displaying little accessories/home furnishings in the room will make guest more focused pay attention to the beauty of furnishings in the room, compared to the room with a lot of stuff.

5. Improper Color Block

Combining bright colors with too crowded motifs, will make the 'eye sore'. If you plan on wearing bright colors, you should not paint the entire room. Combine with soft colors or neutral. If you still want to use a bright color as the primary paint, soften with the use of carpet and sofa with neutral colors.

That's all 5 common home decorating mistakes. Did you also make the same mistake?

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