"Vertical Forest" Apartment Building in Italia

Green Apartment Building Design, Bosco Verticale by Boeri Studio

Architect from Milan, Boeri Studio, will soon be completing two "vertical forest" in his hometown. Studio headed by Stefano Boeri, a slick combination between vertical densely populated residential development and solutions for tree planting in the center of city. The project is called the Bosco Verticale or Vertical Forest.

Vertical Forest (Bosco Verticale)
Bosco Verticale by Boeri Studio, Italian Designer.

Both of these unique skyscraper located in Isola, an area with rapid development in the district of Porta Nuova. Each tower has a height of 80 meters and 112 meters. Both will be open to the public later this year. Before people can feel living in the "vertical forest", this building had already become home to 900 trees. In addition there are 900 trees, both of towers also has 5,000 shrubs, and 11,000 flowers. According to the design team, their work could help in reducing air pollution in Milan.

New Standards of Sustainable Home Developments

"This project is intended to create new standards of sustainable homes," said construction company Arup, who worked with Boeri Studio. "As a new development model for the regeneration of the urban environment, this vertical forest design creates a biological habitat in an area of ​​40,000 square meters."

Boeri Studio said, this vertical forest apartment, is a form of biological architecture, which refused to adopt fully technology and mechanical only for environmental sustainability. Not just build and attach the label of "go green", in the two buildings, Boeri Studio also includes a system that facilitates the management or owners of residential to care for the trees around the building. Each floor and position of the apartments also have a special irrigation system for the plants. Source: dezeen com

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