How to Paint Wood Garage Door

Tips about How to Paint Wood Garage Door

Wooden garage door is one of the garage door options which are definitely chosen by a lot of people. This kind of garage door is definitely loved by a lot of people because of the easy maintenance of this wooden garage door. If you want to paint your old wooden garage door, the first point that you should do id look for about the steps about how to paint wood garage door. For the people who do not know about how to paint wooden garage door, it is quite important for them to look for the proper steps.
About how to paint wooden garage door may seems difficult to be done. But if we get the right direction about how to paint wood garage door, everything will be much easier to be done. At the beginning all you need to do is do the preparation. Preparation that you should do including prepare the surface of the door. You have to make sure that the garage door is ready to be painted. You also have to sand the surface of the door to remove the dirty thing from the door.
Keep stirring the paint that you are using to paint the wooden garage door. Use paint stirrer for stirring the paint. Then paint the recessed wall with 2-inch of paintbrushes. Start your paint work from top of door and do paint way down continuously. Paint the thin coats to avoid the drips. Some thin coats will be better than the few of the thick coats. Those are the beginning steps about how to paint wood garage door.
Then, the next steps of how to paint wood garage door is to pour some paint from can into tray of paint roller. Dip paint role to tray. Then apply smoothly the paint start from the top of door go to the garage door frame around the area of the garage door panel. Let first coats to completely dry, before you continue to next coats. Paint the second coats to the recess of the wooden garage wall.

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The last steps about how to paint wood garage door is apply the next coats with paint roller. The paint role can do the wider coats than the paintbrush. About the how long of the drying times and also about number of coats should be done you can follow the instruction which is provided by paint manufacturer.

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