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A door is one of the most crucial elements in the building design. Not just do they give the functionality in the way of access and the egress, they can give the aesthetic value too that beautify and give the character to the interior and the exterior of the building structure. We can add an aesthetic value into our home with the right door. We have to find it that is suitable with our home design idea. So there will a great look and combination. Let us discuss about one of the most popular door designs that are the French door design.
The most popular French door design is the double leaf or the double panel door with each leaf that has 1 or more glass pane. The pane is known as the lites or the light too. Depending on the configuration, they can be set to swing in or out. The door is derived from the really first French casement door design. When we visit France, we will find some old buildings standing with a beautiful casement door design. This is the original design of French door. If we want to feel the really French, we can install it in our home.
The popular French door design sends 2 primary benefits. First, they are the excellent choice when we look to send the natural light to the room or the area. Second, the attractive and the decorative feature of French door create it the sure bet with the regard to the eye appeal. We will see that the double French doors are found in the higher end home. We can get some nice benefits from this type of door. We do not need to make lights in the day if we use this door because the sun light will entrance beautifully through its small holes and glasses.

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French Door Design

Populer French Door Design

French Door Design Picture

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Most Popular French Door Design

Because the lites or the glass pane in French door design creates up the major part of the door design, there are a lot of options that can be found. The option consists the clear glass, the frosted, the beveled, the double paned, and the clear glass with the decorative and the etched pattern. The option includes of tempered safety glass which is quite much the standard. The standard of the glass used in this door meets the world standard. It ensures the quality and the safety of the door for our home.

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