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Door Design Ideas Based On the Material

In the modern era like now, it has been widely known that door can be designed with pretty and beautiful impression. For the interior design of your interior door design ideas; you can choose a modern for your door. The design of the modern doors is not only about the beauty but also the quality and the safety. And the materials of the modern door are often used for door glass, wood, and steel. Here we will give a quick review of the various kinds of door design ideas that is based on the material.

First of door design ideas that is based on the material is wooden door design. The wooden door is one of the most widely used for door design. The wooden door has been used since ancient times and until now the door on this one still exists. Although there are improvement of the material of wooden door such solid wooden door, the wooden door has a few weaknesses, such as not durable, and less of the safety for the home especially for the main door in front of the home yard. Therefore, do not make wood door as the main door of your home.

Second of door design ideas that is based on the material is metal door design. Doors that are made with metals including iron, steel or aluminum can be stronger than wooden door. Nowadays, many people have chosen the metal door. One advantage of this door is a metal door provides more protection to your home. In addition, the metal gives a futuristic feel too. This kind of the door is heavier than others and if there is a problem about opening or closing the door, it can be more difficult and stressful.

Other side of this metal door design ideas, is that the metal doors such hollow metal doors that are made of steel has a wide range of used because of the protection level. This type of door is usually used to place that require super high protection, such as banks, schools, hotels, apartment buildings, mall, etc. This door also offers many designs, allowing you get the look better and charming.

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door design ideas

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picture of door design ideas

Third, of door design idea that is based on the material is glass door design. Place this kind of door design not to be used as the main entrance, but only serves as like a window. Usually we often come across a glass door at a place like the back door, and the door of the room to the patio, just to see the outside view without opening the door. You can use sliding door design ideas for glass doors that are efficient; space saving and minimalist is perfect for today's modern home.

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