Fence Idea for Small Dog

A Good Fence Idea for Small Dog in a Yard

We can make the yard within the yard. To make the dog out of garden bed and the other special parts of the yard, we have to make the separate place for the dog to play. We have to take the shaded area. We have to make it with the decorative or the plain fence idea for small dog of wood, the iron or the retaining block fence, the cinder block or the stone. If we take the lumber, we have to be sure that it does not contain preservative and is not made with the CCA. A preservative lumber is not good for the dog. Neither also a lumber treated CCA.

For the surface of fence idea for small dog, we have to take the wood chip, the bark chip, the leave, the ground rubber tire, or the other type of mulch. We can give its fence with mix of sand of several soils. That is digging dogs especially for sand camouflage. We have to be careful of putting really much sand in the mix or it will not provide the feel of cool dirt that the dog loves. We have to put enough proportion of sand in that mix. We have to make it feels natural for our dogs. They like something dirt as well.

If the dog urine causes the burn mark on the grass and fence idea for small dog, we have to douse the area with the hose to remove the effect of the urine soon after the dog urinates. The urine is alkaline and has the salt that alters the soil Ph. Another way is to rake one inch of compost onto the area. The compost has the soil organism that helps balance the soil biology and the chemistry. Compost has an important role in our yard. We have to make compost regularly to balance the health of ground in our yard.

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fence design idea for small dog

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wood fence for small dog

decorative fence for small dog

If we require to stake the plant or to install the young tree for fence idea for small dog, we should not take the thin and the invisible wire that the dog may run into. We have to use the bigger one so when our dogs run around, they will not damage it. We have to use the stronger one in order to keep it survive. Attempting the plant to stakes with the thin strip of cloth, does well with the small plant. This is the best strategy for our yard safe while our dogs are happy.

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