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When there is change of weather we often get jammed in the door to be opened or closed. It happens because the door modern design of your house has undergone an expansion or contraction. Furthermore if you have kind of wooden door that is needed a special trick to maintain and a little harder than other kind of the door material designs.
Dry season or rainy season is very influential on the door modern design for wood material, as the material base of the modern main door designs. In addition, you could be choosing the wrong type of wood materials that will be used for the door. Or even, who knows, that the wood you buy it in wet or damp conditions that affect the quality of the finished result of a wooden door. And more things could be the major effect. Therefore, be careful in choosing wood materials for doors in your home.

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Here are tips to repair the door modern design for wood material and panels that expand and shrink because of the seasons or other kind of problems that can damage the door: first, remove the doors from their frames. Note the current will take it off the door hinges. Then, put the door leaf with sleeping position. Second, prepare a press tool to the door of a wooden beam rafter’s material.
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Third idea door modern design for wood material, install a peg triangular gap between the door leaves by means of a press. Then, hit with a hammer until the meeting also at the door on the fourth side. Fourth, by keeping the door so as not to change the conditions open joints peg fastening the door by using a drill. Then, prepare a new replacement pegs, made of bamboo or wood.

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Fifth idea of door modern design for wood material, marinate old peg holes with wood glue. Enter the new replacement peg into the peg hole fastening the wooden door designs. Then, hit it with a hammer until the meeting. Sixth, prepare the putty is already mixed liquid wax. Then, putty the cracks order and leave it for a day until the putty is completely dry. For finishing, sanding the surface carefully. Seventh, prepare the varnish that has been mixed with a ratio of 1 liter of varnish: ¼ liter. Then, apply the varnish mixture evenly on all parts of the door leaf with a brush size of 2 inches. Let stand for 2 hours so it is completely dry. Eighth, emery polish results using the fine sandpaper. Then, do the varnish once again evenly on the door leaf. Ninth, after drying, leaves the door can be mounted back on the ledge.

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