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Inviting Entry Door for Your House

An entry door is the face of your house. It will be the first thing your guests will notice from your house. How about the idea of making a statement from the first impression of your house? An entry door design can have so many varieties; you can choose or design one entry door that will give your house more personality.

In Chinese feng-shui, a red door means prosperity and invites the good energy to the house. Despite of the feng-shui, a red door always irresistible and will make good impact for your house statement especially when it stands out from a muted house color like beige or grey. Other option for an outstanding entry door design materials are metal based and heavy carved wood. Both will give a strong look for your house, it also represents the quality of a protection.

An entry door design can have many options of the opening types. There is a traditional one opening door with side knob or middle knob, two door openings that opens in the middle, sliding door and Dutch door. A Dutch door is a door that opens separately in half upper and half lower panel. It was originally made to prevent the farm animal to get into the house in farm houses. Nowadays Dutch door is used to allow air and sun light to come in but still keep the children and pets from going out.

Contemporary houses even have entry door design that involves many uses of tempered glass and it’s open in rotating mode. Contemporary front door designs have an idea of open space that allows the guest to take a slight look of what’s on the inside of the house. A contrasting color of the door molding and the door panel can also be seen in some of the modern entry door design. It gives more space for the door to stand out as the entry way to the house and makes it easier for the guests to find the entry path.

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Other thing you can do for your front door design is putting green plants along side of the path way to the entry door. It gives a fresher feeling and a welcoming atmosphere to your guests. Putting hidden lamps on the pathway is also a good idea. In overall an entry door design should has a look of protection but inviting to the guests in some way.

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