Soft-Hard Aluminium House in Tokyo

Soft-Hard Aluminium House Design by Japanese Architect, Terunobu Fujimori

Houses in the small town around Tokyo, Japan, is always interesting to observe. One of them in house by Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori. Fujimori made ​​the house completely covered by aluminum. In accordance with the appearance, the house is known as "Soft-Hard Aluminum House".

A photographer who is also a licensed architect, Maria Novozhilova, "catch" Fujimori work with her camera. According Novozhilova, Fujimori's work is different from other houses, shiny, but it looks soft. To be sure, this house is able to attract the attention of anyone who passes by.
Soft-Hard Aluminium House
Aluminum-coated house, a Japanese architect, Terunobu Fujimori is located not far from Tokyo, Japan. Aluminum becomes a very attractive facade. Shape of the house is also special.
The house that is intended for one family, has two floors. According Novozhilova, house size is smaller than she imagined. However, every inch of this house is really calculated accurately. There is no wasted space. "From the standpoint of the final touches, little material used here, "said Novozhilova in her blog. "Metallic plate on the outside, and inside the rough plaster. In this house that created by Fujimori, we can find the gips (which is commonly used for ceilings and walls) on the floor".

According Novozhilova, Fujimori took the risky decision to build this Soft-Hard Aluminum House. In addition to materials that are generally too soft for use in flooring, Fujimori also built this house without professional workers. The house was built by members of the "Jomon Kenchiku Dan", a group of non-professional builders. This group consists of Fujimori's comrades, students at the University Kogakuin laboratory, as well as a former student at the University of Tokyo. Fujimori is actually an architect who is known for his tendency to use wood. See also another unique house architecture and designs by Terunobu Fujimori.

Although from the outside the building of this house looks shiny, but the interior of this house is still warm. He uses a lot of wood in the house. Source :

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