Selling House Trick Using Fragrances

Two Fragrances That Can Make Home Sold Fast

Plans to sell the house and wants to sell quickly? There is a special trick that quite unique. In addition to a clean house, the smell of the house was very affecting, fast or not a home will be sold. Which is the best fragrances for the home that is for sale?

Best Fragrances to Help in Selling A House.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, fragrances from a mixture of white tea and figs, is the best aroma for home sales. This exotic fragrance is considered the most effective, making potential buyers interested in taking a home. The property experts claimed that the houses that have white tea and figs fragrance reportedly sold very quickly. This fact makes a developer decided to bring this oriental aroma into the whole property.

Previously, freshly brewed coffee aroma, toast or freshly picked flowers fragrance are fragrances that most often presented when a potential buyer wants to look at houses. That's because the three aromas can create an atmosphere that friendly, inviting and can disguise the odors such as walls, or damp and weathered wood, or pet odors.

But now, a mixture of white tea and figs fragrances are considered as the best, especially for a new or a minimalist style buildings. Based on research, the combination of these aroma, can lead to a more homey feel of the building with minimalist design, that tend to be rigid and 'cold'.

House Fragrance
Selling House Trick Using Fragrances

"We believe the scent is the right way to build an emotional bond and closeness between the home and prospective buyers. We try to build closeness with buyers when they first stepped into the house," said head of sales and marketing Millgate Jonathan Cranley, the property company that hired a special scent expert to create fragrances that can 'sell'.

Jonathan adds, "After a lot of trial and deliberation, we chose the scent of white tea and figs to our houses because this combination creates a calming and luxurious environment." Since using this scent, Millgate claimed to have sold eight apartments with the price of each 800 thousand pounds, also successfully sold six homes in just a few weeks.

The combination of there scents is quite soft, not make people want to get out quickly because of the pungent smell. In addition, fresh fragrance and is suitable for home design that is also sleek and minimalist. According to Chinese medicine, white tea known for its health benefits. While the figs that looks like a purple pomegranate fruit has a distinctive fragrance, soft fresh at the same time. So, what do you think about this Selling House Trick Using Fragrances?

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