8 Most Unique Sofa Designs

8 Most Unique Sofa Designs in the World

The sofas are designed with a variety of shapes and materials. Some people who like the unique items or classic would look for a sofa that has a different design from the others. Here are some of the unique sofa designs in the world that could be an option. Are you interested in having them? Check out the description.

Concrete Sofa

Unique Concrete Sofa
Unique Concrete Sofa Design Photo
Generally, sofa is designed as comfortable as possible for the rest. In contrast to this sofa. This sofa is made of concrete that is designed like with a really comfortable cushion. Indentations made ​​sofa design very similar to the original. Want to sit on this fake sofa?

Brown Sofa

Unique Brown Sofa
Photo of Chocolate Sofa
Like chocolate? This sofa is made of chocolate cake. An artist, Leandro Erlich, making chocolate with a shape like a sofa, which can be eaten together. He named it 'Let Them Eat Art'. So, you can't use it to replace your own sofa in home. :P

Unique Green Grass Sofa

Unique Green Grass Sofa
Unique Green Grass Sofa Picture
This is a sofa made ​​of green grass. In 2010, there were about 12 couch grass scattered in several places in England. Sofa grass that has a large payload, up to more than 10 people. The idea came from the National Trust. The green grass sofa also cared for every month.

Sofa Made of Sand

Unique Sand Sofa
Photo of Making Sofa with Sand
It is the largest sofa made of sand that ever made. This sand sofa was created by Andrew Robertson. The sand sofa can be occupied by up to 10 people. Despite of the sand, the sofa has a solid foundation and is not easily destroyed.

Giant Cat Sofa

Unique Giant Cat Sofa
Unique Big Cat Sofa
Like to rests in a large sofa? Will this be one of the sofa of your choice? The giant cat-shaped sofa dark brown color. The sofa is in the studio Antwerp, Belgium. The sofa was named 'Felix domesticus'. The sofa was designed in 2010 ago that has a large up to 3.5 meters. Visitors who come to the studio to try to sit on it.

Unique Teddy Bear Sofa

Unique Teddy Bear Sofa
Unique Comfortable Big Teddy Bear Sofa Photo
Sofa Teddy Bear is certainly suitable to be placed in a child's room. Sofa with ottoman giant Teddy Bear may be can be an option.This sofa made ​​by The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center. This sofa has a backrest, shaped like large brown bear.

Unique Cactus Sofa

Unique Cactus Sofa
Cactus Sofa
This sofa shaped like a cactus with spines print exactly as cacti. The sofa has been exhibited in Makk, Cologne, Paris. Sofa by Maurizio Galante was released in April 2013 ago.

Unique Mountain Sofa Design

Unique Mountain Sofa Design
Unique Mountain Sofa Design Picture
There is also a sofa with other unique designs. The sofa is made with a shape and color like a mountain and exhibited at the Milan Design Week 2009. As reported from Oddee, sofa made ​​by Gaetano Pesce.
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