Unique House Made of Fabric by Korean Artist

What would seem if a house is made of fabric? A Korean artist embodies the imagination and incorporate 3D technology in his artwork.

Unique Blue House Made of Fabric

House Made of Fabric
Unique House Made of Fabrics
This is the three-story house, the work of Korean artist, Do-Ho Suh. Art installation under the name of Home Within Home on display at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea until May 14, 2014.

Home Within Home

Home Within Fabric Home
See the house inside the house.
Home Within Home, became the chosen theme of Do-Ho Suh. In keeping with the theme, when viewed closely, you can see there are smaller homes inside the big house. The smaller house is a replica of a traditional Korean house and a big house made ​​like the artist's residence in Rhode Island, USA. Both types of houses are made of fabric.

The Idea/Inspiration of Luxury Fabric House

Unique House Made of Fabric
House of Fabric Idea
In an interview with Art21, Suh tells the beginning of making the project 'Home Within Home' was started to fulfill his longing for his home in Korea. At that time he lived in an apartment in New York and the apartment was very noisy environment. "When was the last time I felt a deep sleep? Long time ago in a small room in Korea. And I wanted to bring that home to my apartment in New York," he said.

Choosing The Materials

Architecture of Fabric House
House build from Fabric Material
When realizing imagination, Suh does not directly use the silk fabric to make this project Home Within Home. "I did a little experiment in my studio in New York wearing a cloth Sulin. And it worked," he said. After returning to Korea, he was assisted by his mother in finding the right material for the manufacture of his art. Fabrics are eventually used specially constructed and also produced its own color.

Be Admired

During the exhibition, visitors admire the artwork of House Made of Fabric. This house looks very beautiful and do not look like fabric. See also unique transparent house in Japan.

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