6 Simple Tips to Redecorate House

Bored with the arrangement of the room in your home that always the same from year to year? But you do not have much time and cost to renew it? One thing that is important in decorating your home, you do not need to do too much to do.

Simple Inexpensive/Cheap House Redecoration Tips

Buying a set of new furniture, repaint or replace curtains can take all day, and costs are also not small. If you have limited budget and time, simply subtract and add certain parts only. Slightest change, can give a fresh new look to the room. Here's how to redecorate your house, with six simple tips reported by the She Knows.

1. Putting Mirror on the Wall

First tips to redecorate your house is put a wall mirror. The mirror can give a great effect on your home. Large mirror will make a narrow room seem more spacious. In addition, the mirror can reflect more beautiful light, which means adding a whole new atmosphere to the interior of the house.
Simple Tips to Redecorate House - Use Mirror
Simple Tips to Redecorate House ~ Use Wall Mirror

2. Replace table or chair that has Obsolete

You do not need to buy a set of new furniture to give a new feel to the room. Simply replace one of the furniture, that worn with the new furniture. For example, if a table in the living room already looks fragile due to many years of use, replacing it with a small table or a vintage-style edgy. One small furniture, does not make you have to spend a lot of money. Look for info about a furniture store that was having a discount, through the internet. That is the second tips to redecorate your house.

3. Organize The Lighting

Sometimes, replacing the lighting can bring major changes to the look of the house. Replace bright white fluorescent lights with pink fluorescent light or orange softer. Soft glow that will make the whole house look more beautiful and comforting sight. You can put a light on top or bottom of the painting/drawing/photo for dramatic effect, as in the art gallery.

4. Shelves

Shelves can have a dual function, as a storage and home decor. You can use it to put books or display. With a simple arrangement, the rack can make your home more stylish and attractive.
Minimalist Sofa and Shelves
Simple Tips to Redecorate House - Use Shelves

5. Painting on the Wall

No need painting worth hundreds of millions of famous artists that should be put on the wall of your home. Simply drawing, sketch or painting that you like. The shape can vary. Starting from an abstract painting, drawing comical, or poster with retro feel. Choose the style that best suits your home arrangement, and place it in a pretty frame.
Tips to Redecorate House
Simple Tips to Redecorate House - Put Drawing on The Wall

6. Carpets

Do not forget to update your home by decorating the house floor. Choose rugs with unique motifs, or that you like and cover your floors. Each motif and color of the carpet can give a different effect on the room. Motif with large graphic forms will make the room feel spacious became closer, while small patterns with soft colors give the effect of a small room seem more spacious.

That was 6 simple tips to redecorate house. Customize the arrangement of your home. I hope it will be helpful.

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